Greece Says Refugee Deal With Turkey Still Intact

Greek Flag and Map(Greece) – An official spokesman with the Greek government, George Kyritsis, has said that a deal made between the European Union, Greece, and Turkey to stop the flow of migrants into Europe is still intact. This is in spite of fears that the Turkish military coup would lead to increased numbers of migrants from Turkey into Greece. George Kyritsis represents members of the government crisis committee that is in charge of monitoring the flow of refugees into Greece. Kyritsis has said that the number of refugees that have been coming to Greece still remains low.

However, he did go on to urge the European Union to help speed up the process of granting Greece emergency funding in order to help deal with the crisis. Currently there are over 55,000 migrants and refugees living in state run and makeshift camps throughout Greece. The country is working to improve conditions at these camps to help give the migrants a better quality of life as they wait for their asylum applications to be processed. The refugees are experiencing long wait times as they wait to receive word about their applications. Most refugees desire to move on from Greece and into central Europe so that they can find jobs and send their kids to school. Meanwhile, Greece is looking to hire additional teachers so that they refugee children could go to school.

Members of the Turkish military engaged in a deadly coup back on July 15, 2016. The coup was unsuccessful and the Turkish government remains intact. After the coup, there was a slight surge in migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey but the numbers were nowhere near as large as people feared. Nine Turkish soldiers flew to Greece in a helicopter after the coup fearing for their lives. They were charged with entering Greece illegally and are waiting to receive word about their asylum applications.


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