Greek Shipping Fleet Tonnage Increased by 22%

Shipping Tonnage(Greece) – While the rest of the Greek economy is struggling, Greek shipping has done more than just maintain the status quo – it has thrived. The figures are out, and tonnage owned by Greek shipping companies has actually increased by 22%. They also are currently the world leader in tonnage. Currently, the Greek fleet has around 4585 vessels of ships that are over 1000 gt of ships that are over 341.17 million deadweight tons, or dwt. This registers an increase of around 22% from the figures calculated in 2015. Greece currently has 19.63% of the worlds’ total deadweight tons and 49.96% of the amount in the European Union. In 2015, the Greek Register calculated that the fleet had 770 vessels that are over 1000 gt consisting of 41.37 million gt 4.

One of the reasons why the Greek shipowners have been able to increase their fleets is that they regularly invest in ships that are modern, technically advanced, efficient, and also environmentally sound. They also focus on ships that are on the larger side. Another secret of their success is that they also purchased tonnage that had already been used (second-hand). Of all the tanker and bulker deals that were available on the market, Greek ship owners were involved in 50% of the deals.

Freight rates were also extremely low and have been for some time, and this has resulted in an increased number of ships that haven’t seen any action. Overall, the average age of the ships in the Greek flag fleet in 2015 was 13.2 years, the Greek-owned fleet was at 11.2 years, and the world average was 1t 14.4 years in 2017. The Greek fleet is also on the Us Qualship 21 List, the International Maritime Organization White List, and the Paris Memorandum of Understanding White List. It is one of the safest fleets in the world with 1% minor accidents in 2015.

One of the reasons why the Greek fleet is so successful is that it has been especially skilled at responding to trade shifts and new patterns. They are the world’s largest cross-trading fleet and regularly engage in trade between third countries. They’ve also responded to the increasing demand in Asia for goods. Much of the shipping activity in Greece is concentrated to Piraeus and Athens.


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