Hellenic Film Academy Launches the 2016 Film Factory Short Film Fund

Hellenic Film Acadamy Short Film Fund 2016(Greece) – The Hellenic Film Academy, or HFA, has launched their 2016 Short Film Fund this past Monday and they’re now accepting submissions. Both directors and script writers are asked to submit their works for review, and a winner will be chosen in each of the two categories. These two winners will each receive 15,000 euros plus VAT, and this money is to be used to produce the film. The rules of the contest are that each film should be at least eight minutes long and as much as fifteen minutes. The deadline for this contest is September 9, 2016. This short film festival is currently in its second year.

After the scripts are submitted and the application deadline has passed, the judging committee will select twelve scripts in the first round. After that, the committee will go through an extensive selection phase and then announce the six finalists. The five=person judging committee is made up of leading cinematographers, all of whom have won awards. They will apply their knowledge to selecting the finalists who represent the “best of the best” from the scripts that were submitted.

After the six finalists are selected, they participate in a series of seminars that will be giving by these cinematographers. The goal of these seminars is to educate them on the process of creating great films. The goal here is to give them a knowledge of what it takes to transform the scripts they submitted into a film that will entertain and engage audiences. Each of the finalists will use the knowledge gained in order to create their films.

After the seminars are over, the initial committee, as well as an advisory panel of cinematographers, will select the two finalists who will win the cash money. Overall, they are looking for the individuals whom they feel will be best able to successfully complete the film. The process of selecting these finals will be extensive and the panel will choose the winners based on their years of industry experience. The panel will announce the winners on March 21, 2017 during a ceremony put on by the Hellenic Film Institute at the Onassis Foundation. Form there, the two winners will have until December of 2017 in order to complete the movies. The goal is to have the movies be ready to view at the Film Factory at that time.


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