Skeletons Found at Ancient Grave Site in Greece

Kipoi village and mountain river, Pindus Mountains, Zagori, Epirus, Greece

(Greece) – An ancient tomb dating back to the Byzantine era was found intact by several Greek teens. Authorities observed that the grave had never been looted, which would enable archaeologists to undergo a proper excavation. The teens were playing in the area when they noticed that the field around the basketball had changed. Weather erosion and lack of rain eventually exposed the area where the graves were.

Nick Tsoumanis, one of the students who discovered the site, said that they became curious about the area when they noticed a large stone as well as other changes to the landscape. They eventually discovered the unique grave site and alerted the authorities. Archaeologists arrived shortly after the discovery to secure the area. When the students arrived at the area, they started to dig a little bit and found bones and jewelry. At that point, they knew they had stumbled on something unique. The tomb is located in Zagori, which is in the mountains in northern Greece.

Back in 2015, ruins of an ancient Greek city were also found in the same mountain range, which is located in northern Greece. This city was actually located on Pindos Mountain, which is also near Zagori. Before its discovery, the city itself was actually unknown. Experts dated it at the 4th Century B.C. and it is located a considerable ways up the mountain at 1200 meters high.

Mrs Stella Drougou, the head of the excavation of the city said that, “Even though the findings are many and are very important, we still are unable to find the name of this city and of the God it worshipped. However, the rest of the evidence, including its geographical location and the findings, even the heyday of its acropolis towards the end of the 4th century BC, prove the importance of this city’s historical frame in the ancient Macedonian kingdom.” The Kingdom of Macedonia in Greece is where Alexander the Great was from.

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