Skyscanner Says That Greece is One of the Top Ten Cheapest Travel Destinations

Beach-of-lassi-on-kefalonia-greece-720x580(Greece) –, a global travel search engine that is devoted to finding the best travel deals, has determined that Greece is one of the top ten cheapest travel destinations in the world in 2016. While the study does note that the most famous travel destinations, like Santorini and Mykonos, are still fairly pricey, it’s the more obscure places in Greece that are really the most cost-effective. They suggest finding a quieter getaway spot, such as Paros or Skiathos, to keep costs down.

Despite the fact that top destinations like Santorini and Mykonos are still expensive, the cheaper destinations seem to offset that. Greece is considered one of the top ten least expensive travel destinations in the world. However, Skyscanner does caution that many of the destinations on the list are still expensive to get to. They also say that once you arrive, the costs will be low.

According to the Skyscanner website, “There’s a lot to consider when budgeting for a holiday, and while cheap flights and accommodation are important, so are all those hidden in-resort costs – no-one wants to have to sell an organ just to finance sundowners in that swanky rooftop bar. So, while getting to these budget destinations might cost a few bob, once you’re there these countries offer great value.”

Greece has been in a recession since before the first bailout that took place n 2010. Travel is one of the country’s biggest industries, which means that the people rely on it as a revenue-generator. Before the recession, travel prices throughout Greece had skyrocketed. In 2016, the costs are the lowest they’ve been in a while. Skyscanner recommends traveling to some of the lesser known places, such as Paros, Skiathos, Kefalonia, and Hydra. They also recommend traveling to the different islands by ferry instead of airplane to keep the costs down.


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