Summer 2016 educational programs at Chania, on the isle of Crete, Greece

(Chania, Crete, Greece) – The world is changing, are you going to stay stagnant? As we are going through rough times, facing new problems plaguing our world, the migrant crisis, terrorism, energy security and the economic crisis, we need to seek new solutions, while we are also expected to achieve personal development and be competitive in a changing market.  TICLS creates innovative non-formal education dialogue programs for people who are willing to turn dreams into goals. TICLS offers the opportunity. Will you seize it?

If interested in expanding your knowledge and skills on contemporary topics, this is the opportunity spot, to learn from internationally renowned teachers, entrepreneurs and distinguished political figures, who are specialists in their fields, create strong bonds with people from all around the world and experience the Greek legend. Greeks have been known for their resilience over the centuries. “You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships every day. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity” as Epicurus,
the 4th century BC philosopher has voiced. There is a lesson there too, to be witnessed.

Four ‘out of the box’ knowledge-building programs, to expand educational insight and develop leadership soft skills, are offered, again this summer, at a top Mediterranean island, renowned for history and culture.

All programs are in English, with an international University Faculty team, at a University campus.

1. (ILA 13 July-3 August) for University students.  The I.L.A. program targets to elucidate the economic and geopolitical components that affect governance at all levels, and ultimately our professional and personal lives. The core Leadership component aims to personal development in the soft skills required in today’s employment requirements, such as mediation and communication.

2. (LFOF 16 July-3 August) for High School students, 15-18 years old.  Young people are the driving force for our future, but they feel overwhelmed by the enormity and complexity of the many challenges facing the world today. LFOF is probably the only program that can make the difference in their evolvement. It is specifically designed to offer the young ones the possibility to discuss and learn how the international community structure works, explore economy, politics, and civil society, open windows for their future, develop their Leadership potential and multicultural competencies.

3. (IFS 22–29 July) for junior University Faculty and post Doctoral students.  Are you interested in innovative teaching? This is the best program for you.  Develop expertise on new topics and methodologies, practice teaching methods and acquire knowledge on the true meaning of interdisciplinary education and non-formal learning that are the contemporary topics of the effective education discussion.

4. On Economy, Energy, Politics and Power (28-31 July) for decision makers, and everyone interested. Follow the current developments and understand how these four interrelated factors affect our daily life, through extensive discussions with expert prominent leaders, the business community, academia and international organizations.

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