New Greek Supermarket Offers Online Shopping

e-fresh(Greece) – Greece has a new supermarket that launched in June of 2016 but rather than have a traditional storefront, people can only buy their food online. isn’t the first company in Greece to offer an online grocery shopping. However, it is the first to offer goods that are considered perishable, such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Initially launched in June of 2016, their goal is to have a turnover of around 15 million euros by June of 2017.

In order to deliver their customers they highest quality groceries possible, they have partnered with around 300 suppliers who, total, offer around 10,000 products. This includes items such as foods, hygiene items, cleaning products, pet products, baby care, vitamins, supplements, and even electronics. The one drawback to using this company is that they can only fulfill orders made by people who live in Attica. Once it establishes itself in that region of Greece, their goal is to expand to other places throughout Greece.

There are some rules to follow in order to use the website to buy groceries. In order to place an order, users need to spend at least 25 euros. Shipping is also free for orders of 55 euros or more. Besides free shipping, another perk is that deliveries can be made within two hours of purchase, depending on when the order was placed. also offers a program that rewards their most loyal customers. Nutrition information is also available for many of its goods. has also provided jobs to about 50 people through its main office, including hiring people in order to make the delivers. They have invested widely in their infrastructure and plan to make even more investments in order to encourage future growth. It is expected that by 2020, online grocers will take up around 3.6% of the total turnover in the supermarket sector in Greece.


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