Most Greeks Support Changes to Electoral System

Greek Flag(Greece) – According to a poll done by Public Issue on behalf of the “Avghi Newspaper”, most Greek people are in support of changing the electoral system to one that has proportional representation. The poll results were published in this past Sunday’s edition of the newspaper.

The survey results state that around 58% of all those who were asked are in favor of having an electoral system, 32% are completely against it, and 10% of those who were asked never responded to the poll. Therefore, 58% makes up the majority. In addition, roughly 7 out of 10 (70%) people of those who were polled (who responded) said that they prefer to have a coalition government. The poll was also run in 1996, and back then only 46% were in favor of coalition governments. In addition, only 25% said they preferred majority governments. In 1996, the percentage of those who preferred majority governments was at 51%.

Those who were polled were also asked to give their opinions about how the president was elected and 73% of those who responded said that they want the president to be elected directly by the people. The highest percentage of those who voted in favor of that identified with the SYRIZA and ANEL political parties. 23% of respondents disagreed and don’t want the president to be directly elected by the people. People were also asked to give their opinions about referendums and 62% of those who responded indicated that they thought the people should be allowed to initiate a referendum after collecting enough signatures on a petition and 34% didn’t like that system.

Currently, the Greek government has made comments indicated that they plan on changing the constitution and making changes to the electoral process. This survey is based purely on opinion and is not necessarily monitored by the government. There is a committee in place to determine what the changes will be and after that, the government will vote on the changes.


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