Thepsis Greek Theater Group voted First at the International Short+Sweet Festival in Dubai United Emirates

Red Carpet 2(Dubai, UAE) – The Thepsis Greek Theatre group participated in the finals of the Short+Sweet Festival 2016 in Dubai on Friday, March 3. The festival began with eighty plays, with only seven of these reaching the finals. The Thepsis Theatre Group’s play GREEK CIVIL (OUT OF) SERVICE, which was written by Constance Kratsa, not only made it to the finals, but also took first place. The 450-Seat Madinat Theatre was packed with spectators who loved the play so much, they didn’t even mind that there was a language barrier. This is the first time the play had been performed in in the Greek language at this particular festival.

The Short+Sweet Festival is the largest festival that focuses on short plays in the world and has a presence in more than 30 cities. Each play is required to be 10 minutes long and this rule is rigidly adhered to. Thespis Greek Theatre is an amateur, non-profit theatrical group that is made up of Greeks who are living and working in Dubai who also love the rich tradition of Greek theater and culture. Their mission is to share the rich tradition of the tradition of theater, which was born in Ancient Greece.

The topic of the play, GREEK CIVIL (OUT OF) SERVICE is very familiar to all of us: the public sector and the adventures when dealing with it. The Greek play competed against other plays that were in English, Hindi and Arabic. It seems that the problems faced with the public sector are common in many countries and the body language was sufficient for the international audience to understand the Greek play. After the finals in the Madinat Theatre, there was a beautiful red carpet reception reminiscent of the Oscars.

The group of actors consists of Anargiri Garavelas, Vasilis Piperias, Athena Simeonidou, Christos Mamas and Maria Tsekou. The performance is also supported on stage by Karolina Athanasopoulou, Harris Padouvas and Christina Demiri as well as behind the scenes by Evita Douropoulou and Christina Papachristou.  Each of the members of the group were dressed in creations from the last collection of the Dubai-based Greek designer Myrto Dramountani. The Ambassador of Greece in the United Arab Emirates Mr. Diosysis Zois, was also present at this event. The group is also passionate about raising funds for charity through their theatrical performances.

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