UN Secretary General Set to Visit Lesvos

Lesvos(Lesvos, Greece) – According to a press release published by the United Nations, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will head to the Greek island of Lesvos in order to witness the refugee crisis first-hand. The release states that he will leave New York on Monday, June 13, where he will head to Brussels, Belgium, first in order to participate in the European Development Days conference. After that, he will head to Russia, and then to Greece the day after that. The aim of the Greek portion of his trip is to meet with the refugees, migrants, and those who are seeking asylum, as well as the volunteers and authority figures involved with the migrants.

Not only that, but the trip to Lesvos is designed to help the United Nations formulate a plan that will help better equip countries like Greece to cope with the massive amounts of refugees and migrants who are calling these places their homes, at least temporarily. Many of the migrants in the camps hope to seek asylum so that they can move on to other places in Europe and in the world so that they can send their kids to school, find permanent homes, and get jobs so they can support their families.

There are over 50,000 refugees living in various state run and makeshift camps throughout Greece. The island of Lesvos has been a hotspot for refugees ever since last summer in 2015. Tensions have been mounting at this camp because there are currently 3000 refugees who have applied for asylum. There is a growing number of refugees in camps throughout Greece that are discontent over the long wait times while the asylum applications are being reviewed. Greece has said that they are looking for ways to make the process of seeking asylum go a lot smoother. While seeking asylum, migrants are unable to leave Greece, with large numbers of those people being required to stay in the areas of Greece where their camps are located. In other words, the migrants in the camps in Lesvos who have applied for asylum are currently unable to leave Lesvos.

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