Valia Georgiadi Launches Greek Swimwear Company in Greece Called Nymphē

(Athens, Greece) – This is the context that Nymphē swimwear and beachwear line was born.  Designed with love, with utmost respect in quality and detail, Nymphē swimwear longs to touch the hearts of all Nymphs; whether they live by the sea, the rivers or lakes.

In ancient Greek mythology Nymph (Nymphē) was a female deity of nature typically associated with a particular location or landform. Different from goddesses, nymphs were generally regarded as divine spirits who animated nature, and were usually depicted as beautiful, young maidens who love to dance and sing; their amorous freedom set them apart from the restricted and chaste wives and daughters of the Ancient Greek society. They were believed to dwell by springs and rivers, in mountains and groves, in trees and in valleys.

Valia Georgiadi is the Greek designer behind Nymphē swimwear brand. She is an active architect engineer gone rogue. She studied Architecture in the Polytechnic School of Patra and then went to London for a Masters in Arts, in the famous Architectural Association of London. She travelled and worked extensively around the globe and in 2009 she took the –pretty hard- decision of coming back to Athens, Greece and start her own business.

In love with fashion, the sea and with an eye for detail she decided to create her own swimwear and beachwear line, of international standards, strongly believing that Greek swimwear should be known around the globe.  After all, she believes that Greeks know sun and sea like no one else!

Being an architect and accustomed to shapes and analogies, her swimwear line focuses on great fit and style, and is made with best quality materials.

Still the difficulties in these hard economic times were so many. Working hard and with the vision and belief that Greek design should be known in a worldwide scale, she managed to channel her love for design into her own design Swimwear brand.

Greek Swimwear just makes sense.

“The concept behind the brand is that we are trying to design a product that is of very good quality, following international standards, thus separating our brand from all low quality “Greek souvenir” type of products. New designers of those standards are emerging the last few years and it’s very interesting to see Greek designers to make their way into the global market.

 The problem in my field was that the last years, and because of the severe economic crisis, most –if not all- small factories that produced and sewed that kind of garments closed. Moreover, the types of fabric circulating in the Greek market, diminished in quality range.”

To overcome this problem that could hold back the brand from producing high-quality products of international standards within Greece, the designer teamed up with Greek expats in Brazil,  to start producing very high quality swimwear, designed in Greece and made in Brazil.

“It was my way of connecting Greek people through design and a business idea. The result was our very first collection of swimwear, this year. It really needs persistence and love for the things you do. And so much positive thinking.”


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