Venture Fair Takes Place in Athens on June 28

Venture Fair(Athens, Greece) – The Hellenic Initiative Announces that its second annual Venture Fair will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Athens, Greece on June 28, 2016. This event is designed to help attract investment opportunities to Greece as a way to stimulate the economy. According to the website the event was, “Begun in 2015, the Venture Fair is a unique event in Greece, where discussion about investment is transformed into opportunity to make investment.” They also went on to say that they vet companies in order to find the best possibilities for investment. They are then given an “American-style” pitch that, “brings together investors from across Greece and the Diaspora.”

The Hellenic Institute is devoted to helping support Greece during this time of economic difficulty. They say that they are committed to, “empowering entrepreneurs to succeed in Greece is vital to rebuilding the Greek economic base, stimulating job creation, and promoting positive social change.” They go on to say that they believe that Greece has the entrepreneurial ability, they just need the resources to get things started. According to Achilles V. Constantakopoulos, the Chairman and CEO of TEMES S.A., “The work of The Hellenic Initiative is its commitment to economic development and the funding and mentoring of entrepreneurs, the belief in the human capital of Greece and the strong entrepreneurial spirit that exists here.”

Greece has been in a recession since before the first bailout since 2010. The Greek government hid the fact that Greece was struggling financially until news of this struggle broke in 2009. Greece has recently received the first wave of funds for its third bailout since 2010 and the country badly needs this money to pay loans from the European Central Back and the International Monetary Fund. With each bailout, the Greek people have had to endure additional austerity measures. The Greek government maintains that it is doing what it can to stimulate further economic growth.



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