Wildfire Rages North of Athens, Greece

Overview of Acropolis in Athens, Greece

(Athens, Greece) – Greek firefighters are currently battling a wildfire that is affected around 500 hectares, or 1200 acres of land in an area that is North of Athens in Greece. The fire has been going on for the past four days and around 250 firefighters, military soldiers, and volunteers try to tame the blaze. Dry conditions, windy conditions, and the fact that the fire is affected a wooded pine forest are all things that are making the fire difficult to put out. Greece is currently in their driest time of the year, which means that fires such as these are always a concern.

According to the Hellenic Fire Service, multiple airplanes and helicopters were all involved with the efforts to control the blaze. The fire is located around 40 kilometers north of Athens. Although there are people living in nearby villages in the area where the fire is, it has been reported that there is no immediate threat to the villagers. Measures are being taken to protect the villages from the fires, such as keeping water trucks near the villages in case the fire threatens to get close.

The fire itself originally broke out last Saturday night and has been raging ever since. An initial surge of about 150 firefighters, soldiers, and volunteers were deployed to the area to get the fire under control. They have been joined by around 100 more people since then. It has been reported that the Greek firefighters are concerned that personnel shortages due to austerity measures have made the fire especially difficult to tame. However, the strong winds that plagued the site of the fire during the early days of the blaze have since died down, leaving the personnel hopeful that the fire will be eliminated soon. Greek firefighters recently joined an effort to control an intense wildfire on the island nation of Cyprus.

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