The WWF in Greece Announces New App to Map Areas in Greece

footer-panda(Greece) – How many green areas do the Greek cities and towns have? That’s the question that the World Wildlife Fund, or the WWF, aims to answer. To help them answer this question, they have launched a new app that will help them gain a better idea. This project came about in reaction to the fact that the country is currently struggling on how to deal with the environmental impacts of the current economic situation in Greece.

Achilleas Plitharas, the head of the WWF’s Better Life campaign, has said, “Despite the need for green areas in our towns and cities, there is only a very small number of them.” Because of the economic problems, many of these green areas have been poorly maintained, which in general prevents people from enjoying them. Not only that, but it also poses environmental problems.

The app was created as a response to this problem. The goal is to improve these public spaces while also giving regular citizens a chance to get involved with the effort. The app, which is called GreenSpaces, allows people to take photos of these parks and other green urban spaces. It then lets you tag the pictures, rate the places, and also leave reviews. The users will talk about how clean they are and how well they are maintained. In addition, users can rate the reviews given by others in an attempt to offer a “checks and balance” on the system. If other users don’t think that a review is fair or accurate, they’re allowed to give their opinions about that, as well. This personal interaction is something that the WWF feels will make the project a success.

Plitharas has also said, “We are aiming to motivate people to get out of their homes, to care more about the green oases that may exist in their city or neighborhood. We also wanted to find a way to motivate the municipal authorities, many of which typically take an interest in green areas only during election campaigns. And we wanted to make all this as user-friendly as possible.”


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