Greece to Seek WWII Reparations from Germany

Greek Flag(Greece) – According to the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, Greece is looking to hold Germany accountable for damage the country sustained during Germany occupation during World War II. Tsipras has vowed that he will try to negotiate these reparations using diplomatic means and then use the legal system and courts if the diplomatic process doesn’t work. Germany has said that this matter had already been settled in 1990 but Tsipras said that negotiations were incomplete and several major points were not covered in those negotiations.

Alexis Tsipras remarked that Germany owes Greece reparations for WWII during a commemoration ceremony for a massacre that occurred in 1943 in Greece that killed 317 civilians in Kommeno, a village that is located in the northwestern portion of Greece. He went on to say that the government would follow the advice outlined in a document that was prepared by the Greek Parliament. Although the document has not been made public, reports in the Greek media have estimated that Greece will be asking for 300-400 billion euros in damages from that war.

Germany occupied Greece starting in April of 1941 and lasted in the mainland until October of 1944.  Germany is the main player in all three of Greece’s bailouts. Greece has been in a recession since before the first bailout, which took place in 2010. Germany is Greece’s largest creditor and each of the bailouts have come with new austerity measures that have further added to the struggles of the Greek people, such as pension cuts, tax increases, and wage decreases.

International creditors such as Germany have said that Greece needs to increase revenue coming into Germany and decrease government spending. All the austerity measures are in place to help Greece do exactly that. Although these moves have caused some discomfort for the Greek people, the government believes that they are best for the future of the Greek economy.


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