Aquum London Bar Makes Plans to Add Greek Restaurant

aquum-bar(London, England) – A popular bar in London, Aquum, which is located on Clapham High Street, is making plans to refurbish by adding a restaurant that will be serving Greek cuisine. Aquum has won awards and is known for its fresh vibe, late night dancing, and high-end cocktails. Back in 2010 when they first opened, they won “Best New Bar”in the 2010 London Club & Bar Awards. The restaurant will specialize in traditional Greek cuisine that will be inspired by the Greek islands. The owners of Aquum have already chosen two people to head up the project – Anastasios Tologlou, who has worked for head chef, Heston Blumenthal in the past, will head up the kitchen. The menu will include plates of dishes intended for sharing, light fare, and also meats grilled in the tradition style.

Although the restaurant will be the biggest addition to the existing space, the bar will go through some changes of its own. They will continue to offer the popular cocktails that their guests have enjoyed but there will also be new ones added to the menu that have been inspired by Greece and the various spirits that are widely drunk in the country, such as Metaxa. New cocktails include the Greek Rose Spritz, which will include Metaxa that has been infused with rose petals, a Greek Negroni that blends Bombay Sapphire gin and mastiha liqueur that comes from Skinos.

However, the interior of the bar will also be getting a revamp. The new planned interior has been described as “chic and atmospheric” and will be developed with a design practice called GMP, which is what was originally used when the bar was first opened in 2009. The bar will be designed using a combination of raw stone and leather and will also incorporate shades of blue that are reminiscent of Greece. There will also be plenty of light. The bar has multi-levels and both the ground floor and basement will be decorated using onyx and will include plenty of space for dining and drinking, as well as a designated space for private events. The new space is set to open on October 7, 2016.

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