Greek Artists Display at London, England Gallery

the-lake(London, England) – The Belgravia Gallery in London, England, who has a history of showcasing works by Greek artists, will host an exhibition of Greek artists once again. The exhibition, which is called, “Greek Art Today”, will run from October 3, 2016 to October 31, 2016. The opening party for the exhibit will be held on October 5, 2016.  It will feature works by contemporary Greek artists. In the past, artists such as Harikleia Papapostolou and Maria Filopoulou had solo exhibitions there. Now, Belgravia will continue the tradition of showcasing Greek artists with this most recent exhibition.

The artists who are part of this recent exhibit are Eva Apostolatou, Katia Varvaki, Leda Kontogiannopoulou and Vicky Stamatopoulou. They will showcase their work as a series of paintings, and each artist has her own, distinct style. Vicky Stamatopoulou specializes in landscapes and especially enjoys trees with gentle colors. Katia Varvak also does landscapes but uses much bolder colors than Stamatopoulou. Leda Kontogiannopoulou focuses on still lives and she loves to include objects such as maps. Eva Apostolatou paints landscapes and seascapes. The exhibit is curated by George Stathopoulos, an art collector who is well known throughout the world. He has said that, “I believe that these four Greek female artists will offer something different and exciting to the art lovers of London. They will present an interesting picture of Greek art and artistic trends that exist in today’s Greece.”

According to the Belgravia Gallery’s website, the Belgravia Gallery started in 1986 and is run by Anna Hunter and Laura Walford, a mother-daughter team. The website says, “For over 25 years, Belgravia Gallery has been London’s showcase for work by truly outstanding artists and people of renown, both British based and international. The gallery has a diverse range of art forms, from lithographs to paintings, sculptures to fine art photography.” Displaying works created by these Greek artists is within this mission.

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