UK Greek Family Raises Record Amount for Charity Through Their Lakis Greek Kitchen Restaurant

lakis-greek-kitchen(United Kingdom) – Lakis Greek Kitchen, a seasonal Greek restaurant in the United Kingdom servicing the people of Walsall, Sutton Coldfield, and Great Barr, has raised around 3700 Pounds, the equivalent of around 4500 US Dollars, for various charitable causes. The restaurant just finished its third season, is open from August to September. This year, the family raised a record amount for charity.

Panikos Panayiotou, the owner of the Lakis Greek Kitchen, set up the seasonal restaurant using the classic Greek taverna as their inspiration. The restaurant uses a traditional clay oven to make many of the traditional dishes that are on the menu.

Panayiotou has said that, “In total we have raised £3,700 towards various causes.” The family has selected a variety of causes to give their support. These include the Nepal Sisters CIC to offer support to Nepal after the earthquake that took place in August of 2015.

He also said that, “We also managed to raise £1,000 for a young boy called Dorotheos Marcou – a three-year-old who suffers from Down’s syndrome, has a hole in his heart and irreversible brain damage. The money will be used to purchase specialist equipment including a specialist bed and transport equipment. We also managed to raise £1,200 towards costs of patients suffering from amyloidosis of the liver.” They also plan to donate 500 Pounds to the Acorns Children’s Hospice in Walsall.

The temporary restaurant, which is run by Panayiotou’s family, specializes in serving traditional Greek dishes and is a hit with people in the community. One of their signature dishes is called “arni kleftiko”, which is lamb that has been cooked in paper. The end result is that the lamb cooks in its own juices, which makes it especially tender. They also have various Greek beers and Greek desserts on their menu.

This year, the restaurant had changed its location from Aldridge Road to Edinburgh Road in Walsall. They plan to open the restaurant again in May of 2017.


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