The Macedonian Society of Great Britain Hosts Lecture About Thessaloniki Through the Ages

Thessaloniki(London, England, United Kingdom) – The Macedonian Society of Great Britain will host a lecture titled, “Thessaloniki from Cassander to the Crusaders: Faces of a Metropolis Through the Ages” at The Hellenic Center at 16-18 Paddington Street in London, England on October 27, 2016 at 19:00 or 7:00 PM. The lecture will be given by Dr. John Leonard, who is an archaeologist, journalist, and author.

The lecture will be illustrated, and will take guests on a journey observing Thessaloniki through different times in history. It is free to the public, but guests are asked to confirm their place by October 14, 2016. There will be a reception following the lecture.

Thessaloniki, which is located in the Macedonia region of Greece, is one of those cities that has had a rich history. Area wise, the region is the largest in Greece and the second most populated. Thessaloniki is the largest city in Macedonia, and the second largest city in Greece. Macedonia has historical ties to the Kingdom of Macedon were Alexander the Great ruled before spreading his influence far into the East.

According to its website, the Macedonian Society of Great Britain is listed as a Registered Charity. Its mission is to promote, “Macedonian history, culture & heritage and is the main organisation in the UK that informs and educates the public that Macedonia, its history and its heritage, are Hellenic.”

The website also states that, “The Society is involved in organizing lectures and presentations, by well known historians, academics, journalists and politicians, all open to the general public. These events keep alive in the public consciousness the fact that although the Macedonian name has been misappropriated by a foreign people, our identity can not be.” The lecture, “Thessaloniki from Cassander to the Crusaders: Faces of a Metropolis Through the Ages,” goes along with the overall mission of the society.


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