Fashion Pop-up Based in London Celebrates Greek Designers

MONOspace(London, England, United Kingdom) – MONOspace, a fashion popup based in London, highlights the work of several designers who have come from Greece. The pop-up, which is located in the Islington Angel area, will be open for business through May 25, 2016. In the fashion industry, pop-ups are known as “impromptu” stores that are set up to feature products created by emerging designers. MONOspace fulfills that tradition by showcasing the works of both young and emerging designers who are based in Greece.

On display are fashions that are specifically made for summer and each designer used his or her creativity to help people celebrate all that summer has to offer. This short-term store is now on its fourth round. The goal of MONOspace is to promote Greek-based fashion to the London audience. Since the collections will be focusing on summer, much of what people will find is beachwear ranging from swimwear to light clothing designed for a day on a warm beach or coastal area.

MONOspace was created by Marina Bury and Myrta Mitropoulou who are both now living in London. Their aim is to display carefully chosen pieces that best represent the up and coming Greek designers. Shoppers will find items such as handmade leather sandals, silk scarves, handbags, and one-of-a-kind bags that were made in a traditional style using looms o the island of Crete. There will also be jewelry pieces and garments made of lace and silk. Each of the designers on display merges their unique products with materials and methods that are traditionally Greek.

The creators have said that choosing London was a strategic decision. London is a major metropolis with a high amount of cultural diversity. Its consumers also have a high purchasing power. Each MONOspace pop-up is influenced both by Greece and the cosmopolitan environment where the shopping experience is based. It’s a way for Londoners to experience a piece of Greece. The first MONOspace took place last year in Shoreditch and like the current pop-up, it showcased designers from all over Greece. One of their goals is to promote these designers in a way that launches their careers so they can eventually participate in large fashion events such as London Fashion Week. It also gives them a chance to develop a loyal following amongst the buying public in London.


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