London, England Greek Wine Festival to Take Place on October 8 and 9, 2016

Print(London, England) – The London Greek Wine Festival will take place on October 8, 2016 and October 9, 2016 at the West Handyside Canopy on Handyside Street in London. At this festival, guests will be able to sample some of the best wines that Greece has to offer. The London Greek Wine Festival is described as a showcase, and the festival coordinators scoured Greece to find wines of the highest quality. This is the second year that the festival will be running and the 2015 Greek Wine Festival was successful and the organizers decide to run it once again. The festival is being organized by Theodore Kyriakou and the the team at the Greek Larder, a restaurant in London that serves Greek and Mediterranean food.

One of the things that sets this festival part is that it is more than just a chance for people to sample the wines, but it is also an educational opportunity. People will gain an understanding of the grapes that are used to make wine that are native in Greece. Many of these varietals have been used to make wine since ancient times! They will learn the characteristics of these grapes, the influence of the terroir, and characteristics of the wines that are made from these grapes. Guests will also gain an understanding of the history of winemaking in Greece, as well as the origins of the grapes themselves.

Here is what the official festival website said about the event:

We are thrilled to be putting on another festival this year which is set to be bigger and better, bringing together the most exciting producers from across Greece. We’re delighted to announce that it will be hosted by Olly Smith. Olly is a multi-award winning wine expert, TV personality, author and columnist, and we can’t think of anyone better placed for the job.

Purchase tickets online for 10 British Pounds. For this fee, you will get a tasting glass and will be able to sample over 130 wines!


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