Rebetiko Carnival 2016 Will Take Place in June Throughout the UK

Rebetiko Carnival(United Kingdom) – The Rebetiko Carnival will be taking place throughout the United Kingdom from June 4 to July 2, 2016 and will feature Greek folk music in its many forms. The goal of the carnival is to celebrate traditional Greek music as will as to bring people together from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds to explore their common devotion to this type of music. Various London based Greek bands, such as Kourelou and Pakaw!, as well as musicians from Greece, such as Manolis Pappos and Kyriakos Gouvendas, will all be participating in the festival. There will also be seminars and workshops, exhibits of the various musical instruments used for this type of music, and Greek shadow theater demonstrations.

Rebetiko is the urban music that was played in Greece starting in the 1920’s that has influences from all over Greece. The main idea behind the music is to offer an outlet to express all the negativity that the people might be experiencing in life. At the time, concerns such as war, poverty, and a declining economy were prevalent amongst the Greek people. The music form declined somewhat in the 1930’s as Metaxas tried to censor this musical genre. It then experienced a resurgence in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Today, events such as the Rebetiko Carnival seek to keep this musical art form alive.

Although many people believe that the bouzouki is the most common instrument used in this music, that isn’t all that could be used. Other instruments that can find its way into Rebetiko include the oud, guitar, kanun, accordian, and violin. The name “Rebetiko” is derived from the Greek word “Rebetes,” which is used to describe the subculture in which the musical form originated.

The Rebetiko Carnival was created by a group of musicians who are passionate about Greek music. Their goal is to share with people the beauty and history of the music, as well as give people an opportunity to learn more about it. They can also hear performances by top Rebetiko acts from Greece, UK, and other parts of the world. People can further increase their knowledge of this musical form by attending one of the workshops or seminars. The majority of the concerts and events will take place in London, but participants can enjoy concerts in places like Brighton and Shrewsbury, as well.


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