Vass Nikolaou Opens Successful Greek Restaurant “It’s All Greek to Me” in Millom, England

its-all-greek-to-me(Millom, Cumbria, England) – Vass Nikolaou, a British-Greek who was originally from Greece, moved to England to be with the love of his life. Earlier this year, he decided to share the Greek culture with the community in Millom by opening a Greek cafe. “It’s All Greek to Me” became an instant success. The cafe offers traditional Greek foods but also has a variety of different services such as special Greek nights, which offer a traditional taverna experience.

Although the restaurant is new to the area, many of the people are familiar with Greek food. Vass Nikolaou has said that, “There are a great number of people here who have been to Greece on holiday.When they heard I was opening a Greek cafe they were all keen to come and remember and to get another taste of that food.”

Nikolaou moved to England in 2002 where he met his wife near Leeds where the two were studying. They fell in love, got married, and moved to Greece for a year. After that, the pair moved back to England where Mr. Nikolaou had a variety of jobs.

Concerning his employment history, he said, “I used to work at Millom School as a supply teacher but I decided I wanted to move in a different direction so I asked my brother to send me some olives so I could go round the markets with them. I also started to make baklava and I went to Keswick market, Workington, Sedbergh, Kirkby Lonsdale and Milnthorpe.” From there, the idea of opening his own restaurant blossomed.

He and his family moved to Millom earlier this year and in March of 2016, he opened the cafe. He said, “I love Millom – it’s very nice. When I came here I thought it was a fantastic place. I love how green it is and how quickly you can access not just the sea but outdoor activities and the mountains. And the people are very friendly.”

All the recipes served at the cafe came from his family. “All my recipes and all my training have filtered through my mum’s recipes and they’re wholesome. It’s a product of love.” Mr. Nikolaou also gives Greek cooking lessons so that they can learn how to make Greek foods at home.


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