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    The best times to visit Santorini

    I had a really hard time with the winds in Santorini when I visited in late April. Personally, its not worth the chance since Santorini is pretty pricey.
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    What desserts are served at Greek weddings?

    As a sort of thank you, they give small sweets called koufeta
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    Mykonos is Europe’s Most Instagrammable Relaxing Location .

    Me as well, we haven't been in a long time because of covid
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    Are there any good sports bars in Rhodes?

    Do they get very full during popular games?
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    What is the best Greek food to sneak in vegetables for kids?

    My kids absolutely hate eating vegetables and I am always looking for ways to sneak in more and more vegetables. Does anyone have good Greek dish recommendations that have vegetables that don't taste too strong? Or existing recipes where I can add small pieces of veggies? I would really...
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    A walking tour of Lavrio, Greece

    Lavrio is the coastal town in the southeastern part of Attica which is the region where Athens is located. This is a great place to visit if you want to go to restaurants and shop around, but also be by the water. Personally, I get pretty tired of staying in downtown Athens because there's not...
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    My favorite Greek love poem!

    Greek poetry is some of the best around the world! I've been reading it for years, and this poem still stands to be one of my favorites. Let me know what you think, and of course share your favourites in the forum :) Ode to Aphrodite: Aphrodite, subtle of soul and deathless, Daughter of God...
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    Even Petro the Pelican loves Beautiful Koristia in Mykonos!😂😂😘😘

    I love Petro the Pelican! Nice to see that he is still around :)
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    What to order at a Greek restaurant!

    Grilled pork chops aka brizola are the best!
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    Rizinia is a lost ancient city in Crete

    I recommend getting a tour guide! Or at least going with someone who knows a bit about the history. It makes things a little less creepy too ahaha
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    Check out this beautiful traditional Greek music and dance in Kefalonia

    One of my favorites as well! Its a classic and everyone knows it so they always get up and dance and sing along :)
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    Is it possible to grow olives outside of Greece?

    https://www.bobvila.com/articles/how-to-grow-an-olive-tree-indoors/ Here is some extensive info on what is needed to grow olives trees indoors :)
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    What is your favorite vegan Greek appetizer?

    Excellent recommendations, I tried a variation of xortopita and it was great! There was no need to add vegan cheese and I made the phyllo with olive oil. Super healthy and very popular amongst my vegan family members.
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    What are your recommendations for Santorini?

    Excellent advice! Do you recommend any specific wineries?
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    The best wineries to go visit in Santorini

    Assyrtiko is one of the best, I totally agree! I'm so happy that I'm starting to see it in more and more foreign liquor stores