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    Seven Springs in Rhodes is a great place for couples!

    This is one of the most beautiful natural places on the island of Rhodes. In English, it's called Seven Springs, but in Greek it's called Epta Piges. These are natural springs that are open to the public. It is a particularly romantic place and great for couples, especially those on honeymoons...
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    How to choose a fresh fish at the fish market!

    Choosing a fresh fish is going to be key for your dish and for your health. I don't usually go to the fish market when I'm home, but when I'm on vacation, and especially in Greece, I love going to the market to get fresh fish from local fishermen. If you don't know how to pick fresh fish, here...
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    How much is the average price of a gyro in Greece?

    As many of you may know, the average price of a gyro has been increasing slightly over the last few years. I haven't been to Greece in quite some time, so I'm wondering what the average price is these days. Does it vary from island to island and place to place? Or is it pretty stable? A gyro is...
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    Is there any good brand of packaged baklava?

    I've had their baklava before! I highly recommend it!
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    Is it traditional to put dill in tzatziki?

    I've never thought of not adding tzatziki! It will save my breath for sure!
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    What are your favorite wedding favors?

    Traditional Greek weddings usually give wedding favors called koufeta, which are traditional chocolate candies. Nowadays, many people will skip the koufeta and have additional and more modern favors. I have seen small pots of honey or a small bottle of ouzo, which I thought was really nice. What...
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    How to make kotopita (Greek chicken pie)

    I love kotopita and kreatopita!! :) Thanks for sharing this recipe with us
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    Greece returns to ‘normal’ Easter tourism after two years pandemic hiatus!

    Beautiful pictures! Did you take them yourself or did your friend in Syros take them? :) :)
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    Did you know that the Greek groom is supposed to buy his brides shoes?

    I can imagine how emotional this is, especially at a wedding. I also find that Greek people are more comfortable showing their emotions and they are more passionate. Thank you for sharing.
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    Learning some basic words in Greek!

    Greeks are so open hearted and willing to help you out that you don't need to know many Greek words when visiting Greece, they will try to help you and you will usually find a common understanding. Some basic words that might be helpful to know are... Thank you = efxaristo Hello and goodbye =...
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    Pascha prayers church ceremonies from Syros!💞

    These pictures are stunning. One of the most beautiful epitafios that I have seen.
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    How to make different variations of Greek syrup/nut sweets

    Nice idea, I like switching it up too. I add orange blossom water to some of my syrup recipes so that they have a hint of an orange aroma. Turns out great.
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    Did you know that you can get beauty services done at home in Greece?

    Yes mobile beauticians are very common in Greece. I personally love it
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    Are there any hiking trails in Corfu?

    Hiking while traveling is something that I am starting to do more and more, especially hiking to catch the sunset and sunrise. If anyone has any good recommendations on where I can go in Corfu to go hiking, I would really appreciate it. I have found that in traveling and hiking, there are many...