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    What is the easiest Greek dance to learn?

    Okay this totally makes sense now, thank you!! I'll just use my own count and I think I should be fine. I do need some practice lol My Greek isn't perfect, so I know they said something about women dancing zeibekiko (In the beginning of the video I think). Its traditionally a male dance right...
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    What is the easiest Greek dance to learn?

    Hmmmm....does it work if you count to 2??
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    What is the difference between the two types of halva?

    The one in the lower picture is made from sesame paste and the one if the first picture is made from semolina flour. Not sure why they have the same name though
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    The history of the gyro

    I looove gyro!! So happy I can get it anywhere now a days, thanks for posting about the history
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    Are there any Greek comic books?

    My cousin is a huge comic book nerd and I would love to get him some comic books in Greek. Any recommendations?
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    My favorite Greek tv shows!

    I agree, its pretty rare in relation to many Greek shows that are sitcoms and comedies. Im tired of the same old stuff about mother in laws and relationship feuds. Aggeliki is very refreshing and I hope to see more shows like that. It also has many actors that Ive never seen before...many shows...
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    Famous ancient Greek women who changed history

    This list is just so great! We have so much to learn from ancient Greece https://theculturetrip.com/europe/greece/athens/articles/ancient-greek-women-who-changed-history/
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    My favorite Greek tv shows!

    Aggeliki is amazing!!! One of the best newer shows in my opinion
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    Who are your favorite Greek philosophers?

    Same!! The more we learn the more were able to learn
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    When is everyone traveling to Greece again?

    Im thinking next summer as well :)
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    Is it easy to rent an automatic car in Greece?

    You can do it, but I suggest booking a little earlier than you normally would...rental companies don't have as many automatic cars as they do manual ones
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    Just attempted my first spanakopita!

    This looks great, I will attempt this as well :)
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    A little bit about Katharevousa (formal Greek)

    Hmm that's a pretty good point
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    The myth of pandoras box (my favorite)

    This is my favorite myth of all time :)