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    Questions about making melamakarona...

    I didn't know that about Semolina and malamakarona! I usually do use semolina, but the one time I didn't, something felt off. I didn't make the connection that it was the flour.
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    What if I can't find Greek honey?

    In my experience if it isn't Greek honey, I tend to find local, unfiltered, raw sources. So, I go out of my way to find a farm. To me, the local honey tastes the best - unless I can find honey from Greece, which is on another level.
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    Do Greeks Celebrate Halloween?

    From what I can tell, it's the United States that really goes nuts for Halloween. However, because of that influence and maybe from movies and shows that are made in the USA that go to other countries, it seems like there is at least. small presence. Love your explanation from an Orthodox...
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    What to do when you’re invited to a Greek persons house

    This is excellent advice! This is an important part of the culture for sure, and I always try to bring something to people's homes. I usually try to bring wine unless the hostess requests something.
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    What is your favorite Greek song? 🎶

    I love Margarites by Angela Dimitriou. A classic!
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    Have you ever wondered how kobolois are made? (Greek worry beads)

    This is so cool! I always buy some when I am in Greece, and I never knew how they were being made.
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    Did you know that mastic resin is only grown in Chios?

    I also like to cook with the resin - sometimes I will use it in place of vanilla powder to give the recipe a different flavor.
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    What is the one dance that you must know for a Greek wedding?

    I would learn the Syrto. The traditional bride song is a Syrto (this song):
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    May Day in 2022?

    I didn't even realize that May Day was a "thing" in Greece. Do you know what kinds of celebrations they do? I also never know how to handle the "strikes" in Greece, because it seems like every time I am in Greece lately someone is on strike... I seem to navigate it, but I am not sure how things...
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    Moving to Greece

    I would definitely visit Greece first before you go. Parts of Greece are different from each other, maybe you will even need to visit more than once. If you go often enough and you select a region before you buy, you can even start meeting people in the area you want to live and that could open...
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    Check out this elegant scene from Christmas Tango (famous Greek movie)

    This looks like a beautiful movie!!! I love the Tango dance, too.
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    Greece wins 2004 Euro Cup! One of the most important moments in Greece sports history

    I remember this. I was in Europe while this was going on, and by chance I had decided to eat in a Greek restaurant that day. I didn't realize the game was on! Saw the last half of the game, and then joined the party while everyone was celebrating. I wasn't a football fan then, but I became one...
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    Relaxing Greek music instrumental

    This is great music! So relaxing, and it's nice music for enjoying a great dinner with friends and family, or by myself! haha.
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    To Kokkino Potami is the best historical Greek TV show

    Thank you! It's interesting to learn about this part of history. I have some friends who are Pontian and their families didn't pass down a lot of information about what happened. Mostly, they came to the United States wanting to forget what occurred and build new lives.
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    What lighting a candle means at a Greek church

    I agree! When I enter a Greek church, I am always lighting a candle, but I don't put much thought into it.