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    What are your favorite things to do in Thessaloniki?

    I am thinking of taking a trip to Thessaloniki next year. I am trying to think of what to do. I just want a rough idea so I can figure out how many days to spend. Here's what I was thinking for some activities, but I want to know your recommendations: Taking a walk along the beautiful...
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    Getting to know the different Greek spirits

    I am learning about Greek spirits as my next quest to understanding Greek culture and cuisine. Of course, I know about ouzo. I went out to eat the other day and they brought over a different spirit I hadn't tried "on the house" - they called it masticha. Here are the spirits I now know about: -...
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    Are there some tricks to making the avgolemono sauce?

    I am trying to master the avgolemono sauce/ soup. Down to basic, I have continual problems with the whole process of integrating the egg with the hot broth. I know in theory what needs to happen. - The broth needs to be the right temperature. - The eggs shouldn't be directly from the fridge...
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    Greek Herb Rub for Meats

    When I used to attend my friend's Greek Easter celebrations, I remember them rubbing something on the lamb before putting it on the spit. It was delicious. I want to make some to have on hand for when I grill. I think these were the ingredients, but I have no idea the proportions. Do you guys...
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    Video Walk Through of Heraklion Archaeological Museum

    I am very fascinated by Greek history, particularly form the Minoan Civilization. I would very much love to visit Crete so that I can learn more and see where it all happened. I found this video of a museum I would love to visit. You don't need to have the sound turned on, it's really about...
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    Easy Greek desserts/pastries to make?

    Oh my gosh lol. I was kind of afraid someone would say that.
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    Easy Greek desserts/pastries to make?

    I just watched a video on making baklava and am a little intimidated by how involved it looks. Or maybe the video made it look more complicated than it was. I can't find the video, but I could if you want. Anyway, I don't feel I am ready for baklava. Are there any other desserts that might be...
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    Monasteries to visit near Athens?

    I am interested in visiting some religious sites in Greece. I've written in different threads that I have been interested in Meteora. I will be staying in Athens for most of the time but I am cool with doing day trips or overnights in other places. I am getting an Air BnB for a few weeks so...
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    Choosing the Right Cut of Lamb for Greek Food

    One of the best parts of Greek food for me is lamb. There are different cuts of lamb and each can be prepare differently. I thought I would share with you my favorite cuts and what I like to do with them! Lamb Chops Lamb chops are a classic lamb cut that are perfect for Greek dishes. They are...
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    Greek (Cretan) Spice Cookies

    I bumped into a recipe called "Cretan Spice Cookies" but I think others also call them "Greek Spice Cookies"... Anyway, I ate them recently somewhere and I found a recipe. I am questioning the ingredients. Why milk? Also, there's no eggs? 1 cup olive oil 3/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup warm milk 2 t...
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    How long to spend in Meteora?

    This is an excellent idea - I can get more out of the trip. You're both right, it does sound like a tough day trip!
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    How long to spend in Meteora?

    I will be in Greece, staying mostly in the Athens area. There are some offshoot trips I want to do, and one of them is Meteora. Is this truly doable in a day trip from Athens, or is it a good idea to spend a night or two in the area? I want to make sure I don't have loftier expectations than...
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    Hotter Greek-Style Marinade for Grilling

    I know that a lot of Greek cooks don't add a lot of heat to their food, but I like it, especially for grilling. Is it a simple matter of putting crushed red pepper in a ladolemono or do I need to think about other things? Not sure the heat of the red pepper will go well with the lemon in that...
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    UNESCO Sites Near Athens

    I decided to narrow down my list to UNESCO sites in Athens to see. I will be here long enough, and I plan to prioritize the 2 or 3 I really want to see, and then see if the rest happen. Here's my list: - Acropolis in Athens - could probably spend a day here - seems like there's a lot to see -...
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    UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece

    Right that's the part I am nervous about. Thanks for chiming in!
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    UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece

    I am interested in making a list of places to visit in Greece so that I can plan my next visit. I thought I would make a list of UNESCO World Heritage sites - I have been interested in these places in other countries, so I thought I would start here: - Corfu Old Town - Acropolis in Athens -...
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    Greek honey cookies?

    Yes! That's it! I didn't realize it was the Christmas cookie (but with cookies anything goes haha). Thank you!
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    Greek honey cookies?

    Is there any such thing as Greek honey cookies? I saw them at a Greek bakery once and I bought a few and they were delicious. The issue is that I tried to ask the person working what they were, and the person was new and also wasn't Greek. So they didn't know any details. They were very sweet...
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    Shopping for Greek Honey

    Great tips - thank you!
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    Shopping for Greek Honey

    What is the best Greek honey to buy? I have some friends who are going to Greece and I told them to get me some honey while there, but I don't know how to tell them what to buy for me. I like to cook with it and spread it on bread and wasa crackers. I love it with cheese, as well. Like, the...