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    Do you recommend makris tichos beach in Rhodes?

    Is this beach nice? Does anyone have any pictures they could post? Im not very trusting of pictures I see online posted by travel agencies
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    Who are your favorite Greek philosophers?

    I saw @amygdalE discussing Greek philosophy so I thought it would be good to get the whole forum involved! Who do you all suggest I read? Ive never read philosophy before
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    Is "12 Nissia" in Rhodes a good gastronomic restaurant?

    I've heard a lot about this restaurant, has anyone ever been? Is it any good? https://www.rodos-palace.gr/12-nissia-fine-dining/
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    How to island hop using ferries!

    This video shows ferry hopping from Paros and Naxos
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    Xan square is a great place to visit in Thessaloniki!

    This square was originally named after the Christian Brotherhood of the Youth of Thessaloniki, also known as XAN for short. You can visit the State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Tower of OTE and International Trade Fair!! I highly suggest you check it out
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    Here is a COVID update for visitors traveling to Kefalonia

    Here is an update if anyone is interested :) https://www.kefaloniabyanna.com/covid-19-update-for-upcoming-visitors-in-kefalonia/
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    La Grotta beach has a beautiful rocky cliffside

    Sand is overrated!! This seems way more fun to me than a sandy beach. It's natures diving board LOL
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    Moros is the God of Doom and Gloom in Greek Mythology!

    Moros is lesser known but his story is surer creepy....according to the Greek mythology he is as a shapeless being that drove mortals to their death or doom. Learn more about him https://greekmythology.wikia.org/wiki/Moros https://www.greekboston.com/culture/mythology/moros-god-doom/
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    Did you know about choirosphagia or the slaughtering of the pig in Greece?

    This traditions is so cool and out there! I read about it in this article and basically it's a festival where everyone comes together to roast a pig! How tasty and fun haha. If anyone has seen this in real life please divulge all of the details...
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    What are the best monasteries and churches to visit in Crete?

    Do you have any advice?? :) Thanks and much appreciated
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    Have any of you rescheduled your trip to Greece this year?

    Just curious if anyone has postponed their plans for Greece this summer, or even last summer as a result of covid. If so, what is the process and what did you do? How did you end up rescheduling everything?
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    Check out this virtual walking tour of Makris Gialos beach

    Makris gialos is one of the top beaches in Kefalonia and you can check it out through this walking tour!!
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    Modiano Market is one of the best markets in Thessaloniki

    This is one of the best markets in the city with many historical roots! You can really find anything here and more and more vendors are coming every year with new foods, fruits, veggies, art and practically anything! I went food shopping there and it was so fun to chat with all of the farmers...
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    Visiting the ruins of Ancient Kameiros in Rhodes

    The ruins of Ancient Kameiros are amazing. You can see the remains of the reservoir, temple and agora which will give you an accurate idea of what ancient life was like in Rhodes. When you stand at the Acropolis on the hilltop you can see the coastline of Rhodes and get a great view of the...
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    How to make easy lemon baked Greek fish

    This is one of the tastiest and easiest recipes!! The fish is so tender and juicy :) Let me know if you like the recipe 4 fish filets (any type of fish will work) 1 recipe oil and lemon dressing (ladolemono) 1 lemon, sliced 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, to garnish
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    How to make whipped feta spread

    This is often overlooked because feta is just so great on it's own! But there's nothing better than a creamy whipped feta spread. In Greek this is also known as kopanisti me feta. All you need to do is add feta, olive oil, and oregano to a food processor! You can also add small bits of olive...
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    Tips for visiting Kassiopi castle in Corfu

    Kassiopi castle is a Roman fortress that has ties to Emperor Nero. To get to the castle, you need to climb from Kassiopi village. The climb is very steep and you'll need to wear the right shoes. Be careful if you don't have good balance or if you're travelling with young children or elderly. I...
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    Agios Nikolaos Orfanos Church

    Agios Nikolaos Orfanos Church is one of the oldest churches in the city! I love this church, and it has some of the nicest frescos in my opinion. I'm not sure if it's still functioning for services, does anyone know?
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    Mavroudi is some of the best Greek red wine!!

    Mavroudi is a dark red that is quite bitter because it has many tannins. I prefer dryer wines, sweet ones are far too overwhelming.
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    What are some differences between Greek weddings and Greek-American ones?

    This is something that I've always wondered...are there any big differences between weddings in Greece and Greek American weddings?