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    Are there any Greek comic books?

    My cousin is a huge comic book nerd and I would love to get him some comic books in Greek. Any recommendations?
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    Famous ancient Greek women who changed history

    This list is just so great! We have so much to learn from ancient Greece https://theculturetrip.com/europe/greece/athens/articles/ancient-greek-women-who-changed-history/
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    The myth of pandoras box (my favorite)

    This is my favorite myth of all time :)
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    Exploring beaches and castles in Kefalonia!

    These caves are amazing 😎
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    I love traditional Cretan clothing

    This website has some beautiful pictures of old cretan clothing that showcases beautiful Greek culture https://fabulouscrete.com/blog/the-folk-costume/
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    What time do restaurants close in Crete?

    What is the usual closing time in Crete?
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    Travel tip: pharmacies in Greece can offer valuable medical attention for minor issues!

    If you have some medical issues like bee stings, cuts, headaches etc. you will be able to consult with a pharmacist! This is not the case in Canada and I found it super helpful to go to pharmacists while traveling around Greece
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    Greek recipes that are ready in 20 min or less!

    I love a quick, easy and healthy meal :) here are a few ideas https://www.mygreekdish.com/category/recipe/cooked-under/twenty-minutes-or-less/
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    Thoughts on lamb moussaka?!

    I kind of like the sound of it, what do you think?
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    Im already planning my next trip to Greece! Has anyone been during xmas or easter?

    I would love to visit in the off season and see what Greece is like when its not scorching hot! Has anyone visited during Christmas or Easter? Any tips would be super helpful! -What regions do you recommend for each holiday? -What special traditions would be cool to experience? Thanks so much...
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    Rooftop bars at night provide the best view of the Acropolis!

    This might be my favorite thing to do in Athens! The best rooftop bars and restaurants are in Thissio, located right under the acropolis (that's where this picture was taken)
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    Greeks sometimes speak loudly and use hand gestures- you should start loving it!

    One big part of Greek Culture is communication. My family is Italian, so I totally get it. Now that I'm in Greece, I'm reminded of how passionate and loud Greeks are. I love and appreciate this fact and I hope everyone else does to. Don't be alarmed or taken aback if someone communicates...
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    Look at this beautiful Thessaloniki sunset

    We arrived to our friends house outside of Thessaloniki yesterday and were greeted by this stunning sunset
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    Freshly picked veggies from my friends garden in Greece

    Fresh veggies only need a bit of salt, pepper and fresh oregano! That's all I marinated these bad boys in before tossing them in the oven
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    What I order to stay healthy while on vacation!

    I've been eating a bit too many souvlakia while on vacation in Greece....so today I just ate salad, fava and melitzanosalata. Definitely a little bit too much cheese, but I would say overall healthy in comparison to what I usually eat LOL
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    Family pool day in Crete!

    We stayed at a friends hotel with a pool (unfortunately we weren't by the beach) to cool off from this awful heat!! I always prefer the beach but let me tell you this was a treat :)
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    My new favorite food: boiled Greek octopus with herbs and vinegar

    I had this at a restaurant yesterday and I was floored with how tasty it was. I've never had such flavourful octopus. I asked the waiter and he said it had green onion, parsley, tomato, olive oil, red wine vinegar, a dash of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. I will definitely try this recipe...
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    Check out this beautiful blue and white church near Loutraki

    Who knew churches like this existed on the mainland! This is near Loutraki in Limin Vouliagmeni, there is a great place for water sports at this beach as well. Although its super crowded on the weekends
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    Check out these Greek pork chops on the souvla (charcoal grill)

    Another food post! I just couldn't resist sharing all of my meals from today, my family and I really went hard :) We seasoned pork chops with salt, pepper, fresh oregano, and a store bough meat seasoning (I don't have the name sorry) and cooked them on the charcoal. Here is the before and after
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    Be careful, another heat wave is hitting Greece

    Greece is super hot these days. This means that there is a higher chance of wild fires in very dry areas (some parts of north Athens are on fire right now) and chance for you to have heat exhaustion and sun disease. Please everyone stay hydrated on your vacations and keep a close eye on elderly...