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    Looking for Information About the Library of Alexandria

    I'm fascinated by the Library of Alexandria and would love to learn more about it. I've read that it was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world, but details seem scarce and sometimes contradictory. Could anyone share insights or reliable resources on its history...
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    Cruising the Ionian Islands Questions

    The Ionian Islands have captivated my imagination for years, with their storied history, lush landscapes, and crystal-clear waters. The thought of waking up each morning to a new island and a new experience is thrilling, to say the least. However, I'm a bit at sea (pun intended) about where to...
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    What I love about visiting Athens

    I am planning another trip to Greece and plan to go to Athens. I have been so many times! I thought I would share with you what I love about it. The Acropolis: Standing majestically above the city, the Acropolis is an iconic symbol of ancient Greece. The Parthenon, Erechtheion, and Temple of...
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    Visiting Mount Lycabettus Question

    I have never been to Mount Lycabettus, although I've been to Athens a handful of times - it just never came up to go here. Here are some questions I have: A few specific questions I have include: What's the best time of day to visit Mount Lycabettus? Is it good at sunset? Are there any hiking...
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    Stuffed grape leaves - how much filling?

    I haven't made stuffed grape leaves in a while and I have some questions. First of all, I am having a hard time judging how much filling to put in each leaf? I have a friend who helped me and tried to explain. She'd put a teaspoon of filling in the leaf, then add or subtract more after looking...
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    Strict Lenten Fast Greek Salad

    I have to prepare a salad for a lenten meal at church. Most people aren't super picky about it, as long as there are vegetables present. Last time I prepared a salad, someone saw there was oil in the dressing and wouldn't touch the salad! So, I looked it up - and oil isn't allowed during lent...
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    Good markets to visit in Thessaloniki?

    I'm planning a visit to Thessaloniki soon, and I'm really keen on exploring the local markets there. I've heard that the city is rich in history and culture, and I believe that visiting local markets is one of the best ways to immerse oneself in the local atmosphere and perhaps find some unique...
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    View the natural and unique geography of Santorini

    I love visiting Santorini because to me, it's physically beautiful. I find it enchanting because of how unique the landscape is. About 3,600 years ago, the island experienced a colossal volcanic event, known as the Minoan eruption. This event was so massive that it significantly altered the...
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    Ideas for Celebrating the New Month - Kalo Mina

    Growing up, I heard my family say this all the time when there was a new month. I finally started paying attention to the tradition and ritual of saying it. Kalo Mina actually means "Good Month" but my family took it a step further. We developed the habit of doing something special as a family...
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    Baklava Crumble for Cheesecake

    I know that this isn't a traditionally Greek dish, just Greek inspired, but we have fun with it in my family. You take a regular cheesecake recipe (the kind you have to bake), prepare it, and set it aside while prepping the baklava part. Brush the cheesecake pan with better. Line it with a few...
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    Greek Easter Family Traditions

    I am curious what your family traditions are for Greek Easter. I know lent hasn't even started yet, but I've started doing some planning to make sure my family has all of its traditions all set. Sometimes it takes me a while to find ingredients for some of the foods I serve, etc. Of course we...
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    Hestia Greek Goddess Information

    We don't talk about Hestia much... but I just remembered that my yiayia did! I wondered why, so I researched her. Here is what I found... I think it has something to do with the fact that she was a housewife and she loved her family.. Looking at what she represents, it kind of makes sense...
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    Getting Greek TV at home?

    I have some people in my family who want to learn Greek better. I told them to start using it! Seems obvious, but it's true. One of the things we should be doing is watching Greek programing. So, I suggested that we start watching TV from Greece. What are my best options? There are apps, you...
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    Saganaki - fun crowd pleaser for a dinner party

    I love serving saganaki for some of my smaller dinner parties. This isn't a good recipe for me for a crowd because it is labor intensive. I thought I'd share my recipe! Ingredients: 1 block of halloumi cheese 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon fresh lemon...
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    History of the tradition of decorating boats for Christmas

    One of the most interesting Greek Christmas traditions to me is the one where people decorate boats. So, I started to research the history. Here's a bit of what I discovered: The roots of the tradition of decorating boats in Greece for Christmas can be traced back to the country's longstanding...
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    Gift Idea for Adult Chrismation

    Some great ideas here! That chrismation is over and I ended up gifting a prayer book and an icon of her patron saint. I am invited to a baptism, I think I might do something similar, but since it is a child, I might also add money to that one.
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    Making the Greek baklava rolls?

    This video is very helpful. Do you know that I have never done baklava in this shape before? I might try it this year, it looks easy.
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    Greek Pasta Dish with Greek Yogurt?

    Yes, this is very similar to how I make this dish. It makes for an easy meal! I like to add some grilled chicken to it on days when I want more protein with my meal.
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    Learn How Feta is Made!

    I love all Greek cheeses, but Feta is the best! I found this video interesting of how Feta cheese is made:
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    What are your favorite Greek Christmas traditions?

    I plan to incorporate some Greek Christmas traditions into our celebrations this year. I live in the United States. What are some of your favorite traditions? So far I am learning about - the tradition of decorating boats, to kalanda, pomegranates, and traditions associated with the Orthodox...