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    What is the most kid friendly island in Greece?

    Every year my family and I visit a different island, but this next trip I want to find a kid friendly place. Nice beaches with calm waters, kid friendly tavernas, maybe a water park, good playgrounds and other activities. Any suggestions?
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    What's the best Greek soup for a sick friend?

    Avgolemono alllll the way!
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    Did you travel to Greece during covid in 2020??

    Yes and it wasn't that bad. We had to get tested when we got off the plane and wait 36 hours to confirm negative. It was a bit annoying to have to wear masks when walking around but my favorite activities, eating, sipping coffee and laying on the beach I was able to do mask free :) I hear they...
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    Day Trip from Athens Suggestion: Temple of Poseidon

    Love love love Sounio especially at sunset. The drive is about an hour from downtown Athens but you can take the metro to a closer stop if your taking a cab. I believe you can also do a bus tour from the city center. Also some great beaches near by to take a dip so you can easily make a day of it.