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    Travel tips to Zakynthos besides Navagio?

    You definitely should go on a boat tour around the island, one that offers tour of the caves and anchored swim time! It's so beautiful to take a boat into the caves, and the experience of jumping off a boat in the deepest part of the Ionian sea and being able to see the bottom is priceless...
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    Greek Ferry Travel - Should I Book Tickets in Advance?

    Yes book in advance!!! My husband insisted that you just go to the port the morning of and get a ticket, he said it was the 'Greek way". Well the Greek way ended up with us sitting at a cafe for 5 hours waiting for the next ferry that had room for our rental car!!!
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    40 days at home after baby?

    Thanks we are super excited! I'm sure it's the mati it seems like everything is somehow rooted in the mati with my in-laws haha
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    40 days at home after baby?

    Hello, I'm Italian-American, married to a great Greek boy and expecting our first child in August of this year! My husband's family is wonderful but very traditional and "old school" as my husband puts it. Recently, my. mother in law told me that after I have the baby I have to stay home with...