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    El Grecos birthplace in Crete!

    When we were in Crete, the driver we hired brought us to this hidden gem. I'm attaching some of the photos I took. The Museum which is the house where El Greco is born is on a hill overlooking the church he must have attended?
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    What do name days mean?

    Yup, it's such a huge deal that a lot of Greeks in Greece don't celebrate birthdays, but they celebrate Name Days as though they are birthdays. I know I had an uncle from Greece, and it was a given there was an Open House at his home on that day when we were all welcomed to drop by to wish him...
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    What do name days mean?

    Well said!
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    What can I do with my leftover red Easter hard boiled eggs?

    I love plain hard boiled eggs, so I'm never done the likes of egg salad. I also like them cut in half or fourths and just put them in my salad.
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    What are the best olives for Greek salad?

    I usually buy a variety. However, I couldn't find Jumbo Black olives this year. Only found kalamata from Greece. I bought a variety of Mediterranean olives to supplement it with some black, green olives in the jar, but they are from Italy, not Greece.
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    Easter Lamb Memories

    What beautiful memories, and how special it is that you have kept some of these memories alive. I hear it's an amazing experience to spend Easter in Greece as a lot of the villagers maintain the exact same customs. Our ancestors were amazing, how on earth did they manage to do all they did?
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    Dying Easter eggs

    What do you use now to dye your eggs?
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    Dying Easter eggs

    Oh wow. Bet that's what Greeks in Greece do. They figured out how to do everything from what they have in nature. Our ancestors were unbelievable!
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    Dying Easter eggs

    Traditionally Greeks dye their red eggs on the Thursday of Holy Week. Greeks are really into tradition. I'm wondering what other people have come up with as being easiest. It has taken years of analyzing the way that works best for me, so I thought I'd share.... So, when I was a kid my...
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    How can I do a Greek coffee reading?

    Interesting question. Brings to mind yet another question I wish I had asked my Yiayia before she passed! I'm thinking that if this were something I really wanted to know, this would be a good time to give the few 90+ yr. old Greek women I know a call in the nursing home where they reside..
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    What type of gifts do Godparents get for their Godchild on Easter?

    My godmother always gave me a decorated candle to light during the Resurrections service. She also liked buying me an outfit to wear on Easter Day. However, my godparents went way above and beyond. I like the idea of a godparent buying the godchild a little religious gift like a komboskini...
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    What is a good gift for visiting a Greek family?

    I always appreciate a bottle of wine or some kind of food. Preferably food that has a shelf life....we have a Greek market nearby where you could buy the likes of loukoumi, a jellied dessert with confectionary sugar on it. Somehow in our Greek home food is always appreciated.
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    How did you spend your 2020 covid Greek easter?

    Our Easter last year was certainly atypical. My husband and I just made some grilled lamb chops and spent it by ourselves! This year, all vaccinated, we plan to have a total of 12 of us for Easter!
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    What are some Greek Easter desserts?

    Koulourakia seems to be a dessert that is at all Greek Easter gatherings. There's a good recipe for that on the Food Section of greekboston.com . There are lots of different recipes out there. Once you try different ones, you'll come up with your own personal preference. It is very likely...
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    Vassara, Sparta, Greece

    Yeah, I would think the best way to find out ancestral information is to just sit in the tavernas or kaffenios with locals willing to chat. Or going to church and then a coffee hour afterwards. Visiting Greece for an extended time would really be optimum for getting a sense of how our...
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    How can I replicate the Greek taverna grilled pork chop at home?

    Amazing? I feel so uncreative just using oregano and garlic powder on most things I cook. Although when I make chicken pilaf I simply put in cinnamon.
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    How can I replicate the Greek taverna grilled pork chop at home?

    By replicate, do you just want to know how to season it before grilling? I simply sprinkle with oregano and garlic powder and when done I squeeze lemons on top. Mine looks like the picture, but I'm sure it doesn't TASTE like what we'd get at a Taverna in Greece. There's something about the...
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    Quarantining at a hotel in Greece upon arrival

    Usually cruise ships have a doctor on board equipped to take care of emergencies. Although I so want to visit our ancestors' villages, we just haven't wanted to go through all the stress of figuring out how to get there and where to stays even before the pandemic. As a result, we've gone on...
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    Vassara, Sparta, Greece

    Did you actually have distant relatives to direct you around? I know of no living relative in Vassara. However, would you believe there's a Vassara Society in Boston that I became a member of? Interestingly enough, all of its members have roots in Vassara...many have heard of my ancestral...