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    This is what Oxi Day is all about

    Love learning about holidays like this, cheers!
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    Is Mykonos safe for women?

    Yes, always stay aware of your surroundings!
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    What is more traditional? Dolmades (grape leaves) or lahanodolmades?

    Avgolemono https://www.greekboston.com/food/soups/avgolemono-recipe/
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    What to do in Santorini on a budget

    1. Cliff diving at Amoudi Bay 2. Any public beach! 3. Visiting churrches 4. The three bells of Fira 5. Visit Akrotiri lighthouse 6. Hiking (not on a guided tour) These are just my suggestions! Let me know if you have other ideas :)
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    Theodoros Kolokotronis was the leader of Greek independence

    I will try to find a version of this with English subtitles but not sure how much luck I will have LOL
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    Beautiful :)
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    These are the best places to go in Greece if youre a wine lover!

    Please do!! I would love to know as well :)
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    Why you should visit Ancient Kamiros in Rhodes

    Kamiros is a beautiful archeological site that is about 50km from Rhodes Town. I recommend driving there for sure, its always easiest. This town used to be one of the main cities in Rhodes and it was abandoned after it was damaged by an earthquake. I highly suggest visiting if you love history!!
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    You should visit the Gyzi megaron Museum in Santorini!

    This museum is great because you can learn about the true culture and history of the island. The museum houses great authentic and intricate engravings, local clothing so you can see what people used to dress like, mabs, and a general overview of Santorini history. The artefacts are from the...
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    Homemade Greek style flatbread pizza

    Greek style pizza is so tasty :) I love making it at home with my kids when I have a little extra time on my hands For the bread: 1 package active dry yeast, 1 teaspoon sugar, 3 cups all-purpose flour plus more if needed, 1 cup warm water, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt, 1/8 cup Greek olive oil, plus...
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    Do you recommend makris tichos beach in Rhodes?

    The reviews of the hotel are pretty bad online...
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    Island for sale in Greece...Only €4,000,000..any offers?😀

    Wow this island actually looks beautiful...I hope whoever buys it actually preserves its beauty and doesn't turn it into a little Mykonos
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    American Couple Arrested At Athens Airport!

    This is crazy....I can't believe they almost got away with it. Reminds me of how the British stole the Greek artifacts, just come to Greece and see them for yourselves!!!
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    Aristoteles: Opposite of Ökonomik

    Can you elaborate more, Im not sure I understand. Are you looking for a specific word in Greek?
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    What fruits and veggies are in season right now in Greece?

    @nm1999 This is what I found on Youtube
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    Oedipus Rex by Sophocles is my favorite Ancient Greek play

    This classic tragedy is still read and performed today. In the play, a father leaves his own son, Oedipus, to die in a field. Rather than die, he is taken in by another family and raised. While with this family, Oedipus is told by an Oracle that he will murder his father and sleep with his...
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    Recipe for Cretan gamopilafo (wedding rice pilaf)

    I shared this in another thread but I thought I should post it in the food forum so that everyone can have a chance to see it. I tried this at a wedding in Crete and it was amazing :) one of my favorite dishes that I've ever tried...
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    Greek tips to "survive" a Greek wedding

    The rice pilaf is pretty simple, I think its just rice with maybe cream or butter. It was served with roast lamb on top. I found this recipe and the picture looks pretty similar, I wish I knew how it was actually cooked. I hope this helps...
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    What is the culture around covid safety like in Greece?

    Yes there are a few people that don't follow the rules. Although because its still warm outside, everyone is outside and enjoying the heat and fresh air so people aren't wearing masks. Everyone is eating outside as well, so people mostly wear masks for shopping