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    Mille feuille is one of my favourite non-Greek (but found everywhere in Greece) desserts

    I just love getting mille feuille at the Greek bakeries! I tried making at home this quarantine and it was so good!! I thought it would be nice to share the recipe here: https://akispetretzikis.com/categories/glyka/milfeig
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    Quarantining at a hotel in Greece upon arrival

    Hmmm...that's an interesting point. I'm also curious about the cruises (I feel like they might make an exception). Although I would be very careful on a cruise ship and only consider going if you're vaccinated. It might be difficult to receive medical attention if you're going from small island...
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    Traditional Greek Music

    There's a beautiful traditional Greek lullaby called "Nani nani" that my mother used to sing to me, it's hard to find the exact lyrics online but if you have Greek family members they might know of it
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    What is the easiest way to travel to Kefalonia?

    Has anyone been to Kefalonia before? What's the most efficient and cost effective way to get there? Thanks
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    Why does Rhodes have castles?

    Does anyone know a bit about the history of Rhodes? I'm planning my trip and I didn't realize that there are so many castles on the island. Does anyone know why?
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    What can I do in the Ladadika district?

    The Laladika district has some of the best shopping I've done in Greece!
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    What do I need to know before visiting the Theotokos Monastery in Corfu?

    Women should dress modestly when visiting any monasteries. Shoulders need to be covered and you should wear something a bit longer that covers your upper thighs. Other than that, just be respectful of those around you!
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    How should I dress for my vacation to Greece?

    Good question! You don't have to dress modestly in Greece (unless you're visiting churches or holy sites), especially if you're in a tourist or beach town.
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    Are there any Greek parfaits?

    I don’t have any specific recipes to link you to, but I always make parfaits with really good quality greek yogurts and any fruits that are in season. I prefer to use Fage yogurt, and if you’re trying to be healthy I would recommend 0% or 2% fat. Adding nuts like walnuts or pistachios and good...
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    Special dishes from Kefalonia that I should try

    How sweet of you! Mandola is a traditional candy from Kefalonia and is probably one of the most popular exports. You probably will be able to find it in some Greek supermarkets, but it might be a little more niche. Try looking for it online, and maybe you can order it to your house. It would be...
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    What are your favorite spots in Rhodes?

    I really like the acropolis of Lindos. My friends and I took a guided tour so we knew exactly what we were looking at, and it was so beautiful. I really recommend it! The tour guides there are super informative and helpful.
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    Best museums in Karapathos?

    I've only been to the Archaeological Museum. It was pretty great although there are so many archaeological sites in Greece, so it may be worth seeing something unique to the island. What does everyone else think?
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    Have you been to any monasteries in Kefalonia?

    Agios Gerasimos Monastery is at the mountainside monastery honors the patron saint of the Kefalonia. Dating from the 16th century, it is considered a sacred pilgrimage site. It’s super holy and I would definitely recommend it.
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    Have you rescued the donkeys in Corfu?

    Yes, I went a few years back and I was actually able to visit the owner. She's a British woman who noticed that there were so many distressed donkeys wandering around the island. I really loved visiting the sanctuary, and it was so nice that I was able to contribute to the rescue.
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    Exciting day trips from Athens?

    Porto heli is amazing! It has some of the best resorts on the mainland
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    Happy Greek Independence Day!!

    This is how i'm celebrating today! Zito 🇬🇷
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    How are you celebrating Greek Independence Day this year?

    Wow I had no idea either. That sort of changes the way I view the whole holiday. Looks like I have to brush up on my history too lol, thanks!
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    What are some trendy and new ways to dye Greek easter eggs?

    I've tried beet root before, the color wasn't as strong but I did like the fact that it was all natural so it was sort of worth it. Something about eating the eggs after they're soaked in chemical dyes doesn't sit right with me.
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    What is the history of philotimo?

    It's crazy to think that something I've come to value so much about modern Greek people is actually from the ancient Greeks. Does anyone know where, when or from whom the concept of philotimo emerged in Ancient Greece?
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    Tips for going to the White Beach (no bathrooms or food!!)?

    That's such good advice, mom and me would be panicking to go to such a secluded island but it's definitely worth it if you can prepare for the worst. Definitely don't expect people to have first aid stuff around you, or for there to be a lifeguard. Bring any medications that you may need and...