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    Did the "siesta" or Greek mid day nap originate from Ancient Greece?

    Does anyone know about the origins of the famous mid day nap that Greeks take?
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    How can I replicate the Greek taverna grilled pork chop at home?

    One of my favorite dishes to order at the taverna is the pork chop, but I can never seem to replicate this beauty at home. Someone please help!!
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    Looking for Greek dance playlists!

    I would love to play some great Greek music this easter, does anyone have any links to Greek dance playlists? Anything with a good zeibeiko is perfect!!
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    Tell me about the beautiful village of Fiskardo!

    I haven't been myself, but I've heard amazing things. The village is very much based around its waterfront with many private yachts and small fishing boats. I would love to sit at small waterfront restaurants and enjoy the food and beautiful views. It seems like one of the nices spots on the...
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    How to get from Athens to Santorini?

    Flying is waaaay easier. I get so seasick on the ferries so I wouldn't recommend it. Flights are pretty cheap anyways and you'll save so much time. That way, you'll be able to spend more time on the island instead of being stuck on a boat.
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    What is the history of philotimo?

    According to my google search, the word came from Athens around the 4th and 5th centuries BCE!!
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    What are your favorite Greek fruits?

    One of the best parts of visiting Greece is the complimentary watermelon that's served at the end of every meal. Gotta love Greece 💙
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    Why are houses in Santorini white and blue?

    I always thought it was because of the colors of the Greek flag! Guess not ahaha
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    Travel tips to Zakynthos besides Navagio?

    You should check out Agios Dionisios church, it's one of the most famous in Greece!
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    I love Mykonos…but I might need a day trip to rest from this partying

    I’ve heard great things about Naxos. It's one of those islands that really offers everything, you can do water sports, you can go hiking, you can spend time at the beach, and even visit some great heritage sites.
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    What is the best beach near Athens?

    Hi guys what are some of the best beaches near Athens? I’m going to be visiting soon and I know myself, I’m going to be craving a good beach.
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    What are some non-alcoholic Greek drinks?

    Whenever I go to Greece, I love drinking their fresh juices and smoothies. Almost every bar or coffee shop has some sort of fresh juice to offer you. They're so healthy, and so tasty! My favorites are peach and lemonade (like the one in this pic!) Frappe is also amazing
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    What are the best places to take my kids in Rhodes

    There’s an amazing waterpark in Faliriki that I really like to take my kids in Rhodes. I usually chill with my husband in the parents section, we get some drinks, and every now and then we go play with the kids in the water. But my kids are old enough to be in the water park alone. It's really...
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    What was Paris from the Trojan War like?

    Paris played a huge role in the Trojan war. Many people think that Helen was the big cause, which she was. But if there was no Paris, there would be no Helen, and then there would be no Trojan war. He was the one who she ran away with and caused the whole thing.
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    What are the different ages of Greek mythology?

    I've been doing some more research on Greek mythology and I was wondering what the different ages are? And how do they differ?
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    How can I avoid the swarm of tourists in Santorini?

    My favorite way to avoid tourists is to get an Airbnb and ask the host what they recommend, the locals always know best!
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    What was your favorite day trip from Thessaloniki?

    I agree!! My favorite day trips from Thessaloniki have to be Kavala and Meteora. If you only have one day to spare, I highly recommend Meteora. It’s stunning but a bit tiring. Make sure you go on a cooler day, because walking up the steps to go to the top is exhausting.
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    What are the must try Greek foods for my trip?

    What are the MUST TRY foods that I need to have when I go to Greece this summer? My wife and I are planning a huge romantic getaway to Greece, and we’re both huge foodies. We defintely don’t want advice on the classics, we already have mousaka and gyro on the list. But what’s something that...
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    What are some unknown ancient Greek gods and goddesses?

    Thank you! This is super helpful
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    What was Spartan life really like?

    I’m a pretty big fan of movies about ancient Greece, especially any with spartan warriors. Does anyone know what Spartan life was really like? I'm no expert here but I'd love to know if it lives up to the Hollywood ideals.