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    Best kadaifi recipe?

    Hey! Does anyone have any really good kadaifi recipe? Thanks :)
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    Advice on how to make Greek style Shrimp

    Ughhhh I LOVE shrimp saganki
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    Is there gluten free food in Greece?

    That's such good advice. My Greek friend is gluten intolerant and she always struggles when she's in Greece. I will totally tell her about these options! Thanks!
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    What are some Greek Easter desserts?

    Ravani is a great option! It's a bit more light and perfect to pair with heartier meats
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    Visiting the olive museum in Corfu

    Has anyone visited the olive museum in Corfu? A buddy of mine told me about it...I had no idea olives were such a big deal LOL. Here's a pic he took of a some super lush olive tree branches he took. I'm adding it to my list, anyone else?
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    What is Cretan culture like?

    I love getting to know the specific culture of the places I travel to. I've heard that Crete is pretty unique! What's special about Crete that I can't experience anywhere else?
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    Where is the safest place to travel in Greece?

    I've been wanting to visit Greece for so long, but I'm a bit paranoid of traveling since I don't go very often. What's the safest place to visit in Greece? I'm scared of being robbed and stolen from in very touristy areas.
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    What is the best way to experience the history of Thessaloniki?

    So many people think of Athens when they think of history in Greece, but they forget that all of Greece was a part of this famous ancient empire! There’s even an acropolis in Thessaloniki!!! And everyone forgets about it. That’s where I would go, just to say that I’ve been to BOTH acropolis’.
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    What was Spartan life really like?

    There was a lot of death that’s for sure. And I don't think it was any easier to witness it just because there was so much of it. You don’t really get used to those types of things. I would have to assume that people were very traumatized by everything that was going on. There's no way that...
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    Do I have to love partying to go to Mykonos?

    There’s so much more to do than visit beach clubs. Mykonos is actually more romantic than you would think. There are beautiful sunsets and cooking classes that are great for a couples to do one on one. I'm not sure if you were single or not, but who knows you could always meet the love of your...
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    Have you rescued the donkeys in Corfu?

    I know that there's a lot of news about the donkey attractions in Greece and the mistreatment of donkeys. My friend is really into saving animals and all that, so on our trip I wanted to visit this donkey sanctuary. Have any of you been? I didn't even know this was a thing.
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    Why Do Greeks crack eggs for Easter?

    Hey guys, what's this tradition all about? Does cracking eggs mean anything or is it just a fun game?
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    How can I experience history up close in Crete?

    I am thinking of going on some historical tours and visiting museums in Crete. Do you have any advice for some good historical sites to visit? I’m looking for something a bit more experiential. I love history but my husband isn’t so into it. Any advice?
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    Most beautiful beach in Kefalonia? Debate in the comments below :)

    Pebbles??? That sounds so uncomfortable LOL not really what I have in mind when I want to go to the beach in Greece.
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    Why do Greek Orthodox people fast?

    I live in a predominately Greek neighborhood and a lot of my neighbors and friends are always talking about fasting… but I'm a little confused. I didn't know some Christians fasted. What is Greek orthodox fasting? What are you allowed eat or do and what are you not allowed to do?
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    Is “Greek time” real? And is it true that things move a bit slower in Greece?

    I live in a Greek neighborhood and so many of my Greek friends are always talking about “Greek time,” and how things are never on time in Greece. What does this mean? And is it even true?
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    What is the most traditional way to eat gyro?

    I would say the classics are pork gyro and chicken souvlaki, both with tzatziki and french fries :) those are also my favourite. This is what they look like:
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    How can I avoid the swarm of tourists in Santorini?

    hey guys. do you have tips on traveling to Santorini but avoiding the swarm of tourist? my niece showed me a video that she took on one of the cliffs while she was filming the sunset and I have never seen so many tourists in my entire life. I would love to visit, but is there anyway to enjoy...
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    Santorini advice anyone? Should we hit the beaches or the town?

    I went to Santorini years ago with my ex boyfriend, and I love the beaches!! The pink sand was so unique and luxurious and I would love to go again. Maybe try and hit the beaches and the town! Especially because both of you need to be happy and enjoy your trip!
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    Have you honeymooned in Greece before? Help!

    I would recommend any islands in the Cyclades. It doesn't need to be Santorini but the islands nearby have similar architecture and are usually a lot cheaper.