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    I made pastitsio for a Greek party last weekend!

    This looks delicious...unless it has cinnamon and cloves in which case I'm out :ROFLMAO:
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    Use fresh Greek chamomile tea to help you sleep before bed

    Fresh Chamomile is the best and helps with sleeps, relaxation and stress I find. But for the best result you need to boil and strain it, steeping in boiled water doesn't have the same effect.
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    Vasilopita - Cake or Tsoureki?

    I recently had a debate with a few Greek friends on what a traditional New Years Tsoureki is. My mother always made a tsoureki with the year on it, as do many other's I know. I have friends who make an orange zest cake with powdered sugar...and others that say it doesn't matter as long as it's...
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    What is your favorite Greek seafood dish?

    Atharina the tiny little friend fish. You can’t find them often but they are delicious!!!
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    How to make Greek wedding bread or Lefkadiko psomi to gamou

    I have never heard of wedding bread, what do they use it for or do with it? Is it just a snack before the church :)
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    How early should I book my hotel and flight to Greece?

    I book Airbnb’s early as the nicer houses book up fast. If your looking for a hotel you can find something even a week before you go!
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    What's your favorite airline to use to travel from the U.S. to Greece?

    If they are they must still be offering a smoking section and cocktails in real glass :)
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    What's your favorite airline to use to travel from the U.S. to Greece?

    It all depends on where your flying from in terms of schedule but you can’t go wrong with Seiss, Lufthansa or British.
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    What makes Cretan olive oil different from other Greek olive oil?

    Greeks are proud people who have pride for their country but also for their specific regions and islands. My Kretan friends say olive oil from Krete is the best, my Kalamatan friends say their oil is the best and the list goes on and on. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with any quality olive...
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    What are your favorite Greek TV shows?

    Also Agries Melissies that’s a good one too
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    What are your favorite Greek TV shows?

    It’s about a year, it’s like a Greek telenovela:)
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    What is the best place in Greece for camping?

    Elafonisos for sure! The natural beauty and unspoiled beaches are amazing! Elafonisos is off the southern coast of Pelaponisos.
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    What are the best souvenirs to get someone from Greece?

    I always bring back evil eye keychains. Also fresh dried oregano is a big hit!
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    What is your favorite Greek soup?

    Has to be avgolemono. Greek staple for sure!!
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    The healthiest and easiest Greek dish is briam!

    Briami is one of my favourites during the summer. My parents have a garden and bring me gigantic zucchini from the garbed, it’s perfect for briam!
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    The best spot to visit in Athens is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

    Yes I saw a musical performance there is was fantastic!
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    Which subway stations in Athens have ancient ruins?

    Yea the metro is great! Clean and efficient. There are ruins in some stations, there are a bunch at syntagma station. They tried to preserve what they found when they were digging the stations
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    Greek festivals in Florida!!

    Florida is wide open and so are the festivals. The food will be that much tastier after the year we’ve had!
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    What is the meaning of lighting a candle at church?

    I light candles and say a dedication or prayer with each one. For example I light one for the souls of all my family and friends who have passed. If someone is ill I light a candle for them etc.
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    What are some Greek superstitions?

    A big one in our house was- when someone comes in your house they need to leave from the same door they came on. It was said to ruin the chances of the single people in the house of finding a husband or wife.