1. nickstamoulis

    Was the sneaker company Nike named after the Greek goddess?

    In Greek mythology Nike was the greek goddess of victory, so I would say a possible maybe! LOL :) Here is more info about the name and origin of Nike: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nike_(name)
  2. nickstamoulis

    Pictures of downtown Athens

    Here is a my favorite Athens photo:
  3. nickstamoulis

    What is the recipe for traditional Greek salad?

    Here is an official recipe of traditional Greek salad: https://www.greekboston.com/food/salads/horiatiki-recipe/
  4. nickstamoulis

    Traditional Greek Music

    Thanks for your question! Here is a good list of traditional Greek kids songs: https://www.mamalisa.com/?t=ec&c=156 Hope this helps!
  5. nickstamoulis

    Looking for Greek dance playlists!

    Here is a great Greek music playlist that has many classics, perfect to listen to for Easter :) https://www.greekboston.com/music/classic-songs/
  6. nickstamoulis

    Best birthday gifts for Greek mythology fans

    What about a Pandora's box type Greek jewelry and/or a Greek mythology book about Pandora's box?
  7. nickstamoulis

    Is there gluten free food in Greece?

    Great question! My son has food allergies including gluten. When we go to Greece we buy many basics from local supermarkets and that helps, it is amazing how many options they have.
  8. nickstamoulis

    Advice on how to make Greek style Shrimp

    Yes, here are a few different Greek style shrimp recipes: https://www.greekboston.com/?s=shrimp Hope this helps!
  9. nickstamoulis

    Greek Social Sites

    I would also 2nd that Greek related local Facebook groups would be the best places to meet locals. Good luck & Have fun in Greece! :)
  10. nickstamoulis

    What are the best mythological Greek names?

    The name of my first dog, Hermes!
  11. nickstamoulis

    Should I get a Greek passport?

    I am not sure if having a Greek passport helps with COVID travel restrictions in Greece. I would recommend reaching out to your local (in Australia) Greek consulate and asking this type of question. Hope this helps and good luck figuring it all out! :)
  12. nickstamoulis

    Cool ideas for Greek Easter cocktails?

    I know you like cocktails, but I am very traditional for Easter and would go with the Greek white wine Retsina!
  13. nickstamoulis

    What is your favorite city in Crete?

    Great question! In no particular order here are some of the top cities to visit in Crete: - Chania - Heraklion - Rethymmo - Lassithi
  14. nickstamoulis

    Favorite Greek Easter dishes!!?

    My fav is Greek style lamb...so good!
  15. nickstamoulis

    How can I have a COVID safe baptism?

    I would say the following could help with a safe Greek baptism (although I am not a Dr.): - Mandatory masks - Limit amount of people - Try to have good ventilation if indoors or outdoor reception after church - Social distance tables and seat people with same households Anyway, there are a few...
  16. nickstamoulis

    Is baklava Greek or Turkish?

    This is a big question! :) Since I am 100% Greek, I am going to say Greek! Here are a few articles I found out about this: https://www.greekboston.com/cooking/different-baklava/ https://theculturetrip.com/europe/turkey/articles/the-history-of-baklava-in-1-minute/...
  17. nickstamoulis

    What are your favorite lenten recipes?

    My favorite Lenten Greek food is Yemistes (stuffed tomatoes) : https://www.greekboston.com/food/vegetables/vegan-stuffed-tomatoes/
  18. nickstamoulis

    What are your must try Santorini dishes?

    The food in Greece is amazing and Santorini it is equally as good! My advice would be to stay away from the super trendy, touristy places if you are looking for authentic and local flavors of Santorini. Other than than the amazing wine in Santorini, Katsouni cucumbers found in Santorini are...
  19. nickstamoulis

    Tips for a romantic getaway for couples in Rhodes

    Really depends, what types of activities are you and your husband into? Let everyone know a bit more and we can all reply with some suggestions of places and things to see in Rhodes :)
  20. nickstamoulis

    What are your favorite Greek history documentaries/films?

    There are so many traditional old Greek movies that are great, but this is often left up to personal taste. I would say one of the best. high level Greek history documentary film is on Youtube and can be found here: