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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!🦃🍂

    Happy Thanksgiving to the Worldwide Greeks community! What's everyone eating today, post your pics!
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    Recipe for Cretan gamopilafo (wedding rice pilaf)

    There's so many regional dishes that people don't even know about! I love the classics, but more niche dishes like gamopilafo are great
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    Greek tips to "survive" a Greek wedding

    I love this rice!! Its so creamy
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    Check out these herbal Greek teas!

    Are the other ones you've had fresh" I find that when I buy the concentrated tea bags from the supermarket they are much stronger
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    What are your favorite Greek Christmas recipes? Mine is roast lamb :)

    Slow roast lamb is excellent for the winter time! My friends make it all the time during their winter xmas parties, and this is what it looks like. What are your favorite Christmas recipes?
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    Falafel gyros are not traditional but theyre great for vegetarians!

    I love making these for my friends who are vegetarian! :) But I prefer pork Gyor myself, a little more meaty and traditional LOL
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    Another food post: how to make halva (simigdali)

    Agreed! This one can get a little too sweet though
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    Where can I rent electric scooters in Athens?

    I haven't seen many people with electric scooters..but then again I haven't been to Athens in a while
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    Recipe for healthy fava spread (vegan)

    Love it! Thanks for sharing. I suggest adding fresh parsley or cilantro to the dip, it will really add more flavour and give it more of that greek color
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    What should I expect at a Greek wedding and baptism combined ceremony?

    I'm going to a wedding this year where the couple will also be baptizing their child. What happens at these ceremonies? How does it all work? What should I expect as a guest. Ive never heard of this being done before, thanks!
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    The history of Oxi Day (October 28)

    Oxi Day in Greek is the “Day of No”. The history behind it is that The Axis powers wanted to occupy Greece during World War II because of its strategic location. Mussolini gave the option for Greece to accept occupation instead of going straight to war. He gave Ioannis Metaxas an ultimatum. This...
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    What is more traditional? Dolmades (grape leaves) or lahanodolmades?

    Is either of them more traditional? I would like to try making one of them this weekend :)
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    How to make avgolemono so you can put it on everything

    Avgolemono can be put on literally everything!! I like to put it on gemista and dolmadakia :) This is how you make it Ingredients: 1-2 cups broth or pan juices from the dish for which you are making avgolemono, 2 eggs, Juice of 1-2 lemons Gradually beat in a spoonful at a time of hot broth...
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    Making yummy pickled Greek peppers

    Caribbean peppers are super spicy, was it a scotch bonnet??
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    Why did Gordon Ramsay say “Greek Food is better than Italian”? (VIDEO)

    Because it definitely is aahah! Don't get me wrong, I love Italian food but I find that the ingredients are a little toooo simple sometimes, and its super difficult to love if you're lactose intolerant like me :(
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    Visit the Lindos Acropolis in Rhodes (Greeces second best Acropolis)!

    Many people don't know that there is more than on acropolis!! This one is Rhodes has historical roots from the Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, Knights of Saint John, Turkish, and more. Some parts of the archaeological site are from as early as 300 B.C. when it was an important Doric temple. Now, it...
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    Fried olives?? Did anyone know this was a thing?

    This is a pretty cool discovery that I tried this weekend and its not so bad. This is how you make them and what they look like - add feta, oregano, and lemon juice to a food processor and pulse and stuff your choice of olives with the mixture. Whisk flour, milk, and egg and dip your olives in...
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    Pictures from my trip to Athens

    I love this city!!! My favorite parts were admiring all of the architecture and the history :) share any pics you have, I would love to see where you all went on your trip
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    Panagia Paraportiani is one of the most beautiful churches in Mykonos!

    Just look at how stunning this little church is!! I love the white and rustic look of it. Although the church is not open for visitors to enter, it is worth a trip to visit and admire the architecture. Its one of the most photographed churches in the world!!