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    Any Greek Christmas movies that you can recommend?

    The only Greek Christmas movie I know is Christmas Tango (Το τανγκό των Χριστουγένον), are there any more good ones?
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    These are the top places to visit in Crete, Greece

    These are the places that you must see when you visit Crete!! 1. Elafonissi 2. Minoan Palaces 3. Samaria Gorge 4. Old Venetian Harbor 5. Heraklion Archaeological Museum This is what Elafonisi beach looks like...just stunning 😍
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    Simple and easy Greek cheesecake to impress your guests

    What do Greeks do better than cheese? Cheesecake!! I love classic Greek cheesecake with fresh cheese, and its great for guests! This is how you make it Ingredients: 1 prepared, store-bought, graham cracker pie crust (use a deep dish pie plate) 2 cups plain cream cheese 1 cup plain Greek...
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    Greece Announces a Whopping 6.1% Growth Forecast for 2021!👏

    Yes, I think its like 80% of the economy is dependant on tourism
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    Pictures of the best scenery in Corfu

    These are my favorite pics of the island!! Where are your spots for the best scenery?
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    Kalafatis beach is my favorite beach on the island! Whats yours?

    This beach is stunning! What is your favorite?
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    Greeks have their own halloween!

    Greeks don't celebrate halloween like they do in the US and around the world. Greeks have another holidays called "apokries" which is celebrated ten weeks before Greek Orthodox Easter. Everybody dresses up in costumes and there is usually a parade in the street. So don't expect to see much on...
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    Is it easy to rent an automatic car in Greece?

    I really really wish I could drive stick, but I just can't...how easy is it to rent automatic? Thanks
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    Are there any good Greek fashion brands?

    I wasn't sure which thread to post this in....but im super curious if anyone knows any good Greek clothing brands! I love to support Greek companies
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    Greeces best game is tavli hands down!

    If you've never played tavli (backgammon), you're in for a treat! :) It's my favorite game and loved by all Greek grandpas around the world. This is what the board looks like this link can give you directions on how to play https://ourpastimes.com/play-backgammon-beginners-6217993.html
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    Any tips for getting over jet lag in Greece?

    Its always such a struggle because my family wants to see me and talk to me when I land and I just don't have the energy....I just want to nap! What are your tips for getting rid of the jet lag?
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    Holistic cooking experience in Santorini

    I love this concept! Learning about Santorini through food is excellent :) You can get a group of people and eat a private dinner cooked specialized by a chef. Its a full gastronomical experience. I would love to experience it one day https://www.petrakouzina.com
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    Maybe you can see the house from google maps. What exactly are you looking for?
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    Nifes (brides) is my favourite Greek movie!

    I know its technically not a "Greek" movie, but its pretty damn great
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    This post is for those who love romantic Greek mythology stories!

    Here is a list of a few of the best romantic myths! You can find a summary of each of them using the link below http://greekgodsparadise.com/2017/04/28/10-greek-myth-love-stories-making-you-wonder/ 1. Cupid (Eros) and Psyche Cupid’s Secret 2. Paris and Helen of Troy The Beauty Contest 3...
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    Why are taxis to and from the Athens airport so expensive? Any way to avoid this?

    That's a good point, thank you. I just didn't know why they charged a bit extra from the airport. I guess it's standard
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    Why are taxis to and from the Athens airport so expensive? Any way to avoid this?

    This is such an annoying problem that I always run into! I visit friends in Kapandriti and it really isn't accessible any other way and buses are really a hassle with a bunch of suitcases. Is there any way around this fee? And is it with all taxis?