1. nadellii

    Horseback riding in Corfu!

    This is from a trip we took a while back!! We got to take the horses up and round the mountain. I miss vacations like these
  2. nadellii

    Melissani cave is to die for

    Did you take a guided tour? I’m not sure if I should or not
  3. nadellii

    This is a great Greek recipe for stuffed zucchini!

    Do you ever add a avgolemono sauce?
  4. nadellii

    Windy beach rhodes town web camera

    Who knew it was so windy!! Ahaha
  5. nadellii

    Slow roasted beef with prunes is a great Christmas dish!

    My family made this for thanksgiving but I think it’s a really great dish to make for Christmas too! We slow roasted the beef with cumin, all spice, bay leaf, cinnamon, salt, pepper and tomato and then added prunes at the end. The meat was super tender and the prunes added such a nice sweet touch.
  6. nadellii

    Use fresh Greek chamomile tea to help you sleep before bed

    I didn’t know that, I will try it next time. I assume the flavor will be super strong that way
  7. nadellii

    Another dish idea! Pan fried chicken breast with lemon pasta

    I’ve had the same experience! Sometimes I like to make pastitsio with a little bit more tomato sauce and it taste more like lasagna 😊 so nice
  8. nadellii

    What are your Greek birthday traditions? Here are mine!

    For my birthday every year growing up, all of Greek family and friends would gather and we would have a dinner party. I’m Greek culture, it’s customary for adults and kids to be invited to birthday parties (not like in America where kids have their own kids parties). My moms friends would come...
  9. nadellii

    Grilling up some Greek seasoned meat in the wintertime!

    when you love grilling as much as my family does, grilling is a great winter activity lol 😂 We marinated pork and chicken with lemon, olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper. For the beef marinade, we used paprika, cumin, olive oil, salt and pepper!
  10. nadellii

    Any Greek Christmas movies that you can recommend?

    I’ve never seen this, doesn’t seem super Greek but I’ll check it out
  11. nadellii

    How to make kormos (chocolate salami)

    This is my favorite sdish!! I love adding nuts 😊
  12. nadellii

    What are the most popular Greek mythology stories?

    Pandora’s box for sure!!
  13. nadellii

    The best slow cooked roast lamb youll ever eat!

    I made this while back. The secret to cooking tender lamb is to cook it low and slow. I added carrots and while spices for this recipe.
  14. nadellii

    Greek style sausage to die for!

    Ive never tried it with orange! I usually use rosemary and thyme
  15. nadellii

    My favorite Greek tv shows!

    The good thing about Greek shows is that they're always available for free online!
  16. nadellii

    I made pastitsio for a Greek party last weekend!

    I didn't know you can buy boxed béchamel, do you just add milk/water?
  17. nadellii

    Another dish idea! Pan fried chicken breast with lemon pasta

    This is a little twist on an Italian dish with Greek flavors. I love lemon, oregano and garlic, so I decided to make it into a healthy pasta with chicken breast that’s lightly fried in olive oil. What do you think? 😊
  18. nadellii

    Strapatsada is the best Greek brunch dish!

    This dish is so simple, all you need is eggs and tomatoes!!
  19. nadellii

    This is the meaning of the abbreviation "xmas"

    Many think that the “X” in xmas actually doesn’t replace “Christ” in “Christmas”, but is actually an abbreviation. The Greek word for Christ is Χριστός (Christos) and English speakers appear to have been using “X” to abbreviate Christ for quite some time. However, whether or not this is...