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    Hannukah, an adopted tradition

    So interesting how all of these traditions are related. Many forget that there are Greeks of many different religions, and we should always be united and appreciative of all of our cultures and traditions
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    Did you know that Christmas has some Ancient Greek roots?

    Even though it is a Christian holiday, in December, the ancient Greeks celebrated the birth of Dionysus, calling him “Savior” and “divine infant” and there are many similarities of this holiday and Christmas the way it is celebrated today such as singing carols. This is where I found out about...
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    Go to these hidden gems in Athens!

    I love seeing the path less traveled on while on vacation
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    Learn these "travel survival phrases" in Greek

    I always am a bit shaky in the beginning, and then after a few days I start to get more used to it, and my fear develops as well, although my Greek is pretty bad overall
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    April 21st, 1967: Greek Junta Places Country in Shackles!

    Thats so scary...I've heard many stories like this as well. There is a famous movie about the junta called "To Tango too Christougenoun" or "The Christmas Tango"
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    Phyllo tip: use butter for sweet and olive oil for savory

    Ive never heard of this pastry, looks so yummy, thanks for sharing :) :) :) :) :)
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    Beautiful pictures of Mykonos 😍

    Mykonos is so pretty all times of the year 😍
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    Simple and smoky grilled octopus thats Greek style

    I love grilled octopus. I like to make it with the whole head, and I know that some people don't like to prepare it that way, but I don't like to waste food. I make my octopus using a super simple marinade, just olive oil, lemon, sea salt, oregano, pepper and vinegar.
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    Look at these beautiful sunsets in Mykonos!

    I love watching the sunset cast over the island 😍
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    Oxi day is coming up soon! How are you all celebrating?

    This is one of the most historical Greek holidays that I admire so much! How is everyone celebrating? :) Happy almost Oxi day
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    Is it more difficult to island hop in Greece because of covid?

    What has been everyones experience? Should I stick to one island instead of jumping around?
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    Does anyone have a good recipe for trigona Thessalonikis?

    Thank you so much!! I will try this recipe out :)
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    Visit Anavissos beach near Athens!!

    Is there a specific private beach you recommend?
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    These are the best historical towns to visit in Greece!

    Delphi is great, also Rhodes old town!
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    Does anyone have a good recipe for trigona Thessalonikis?

    I love anything almond flavored and would love to make these at home!! Please tell me if anyone has a great recipe, I would love to try it out
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    Check out Pentozali, the traditional dance of Crete

    Im always sweating by the end of this dance 😂
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    These are some of the best uses for ladolemono

    I love adding a bit of honey and some coarse sea salt so that there is a balance of flavour
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    The best place to visit in Rhodes is Ancient Ialyssos!

    Hmmm while I was trying to find the origins of the name I found that there was a name change of the city. Wikipedia says that is used to be called Τριάντα or Trianta before 1976
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    What are some of the best fall/winter Greek soups?

    Lentil soup with carrots, celery and some vinegar and olive oil on top!!!
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    Καλημέρα 🔆 Autumn In the Incredible Greek Islands

    What a beautiful picture 😍😍😍