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    Movies inspired by Greek mythology that you should watch!

    These aren't really "Greek" but they're great for those who love Greek mythology! 1. Disney's Hercules 2. Percy Jackson series 3. 300 4. Troy
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    Melissani cave is to die for

    This cave is just so stunning, I have visit ASAP!
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    Who was the royal family of Greece?

    Im not a huge fan at all!!
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    Super easy Greek style pasta with capers and lemon

    Yes, anything with feta on top and a little drizzle of olive oil is always how I garnish everything
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    Greece was voted the second best tourist destination in Europe!

    When was Spain in its glory days? Im not too familiar with their tourism
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    Tourism Minister: The goal is for Greece to become a 12-month destination!

    I would really hope for this to happen! Im always looking for more options for traveling to Greece during the winter :)
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    How to make roast lamb on a spit

    Ive been craving this for so long! I just need to find a good butcher shop in my area and ill be all set. You need 1 whole lamb (30-35lbs) that will be marinated overnight in ladolemono (olive oil, lemon, oregano, salt, pepper). Prepare your workspace by cutting some contractor bags open and...
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    Share your Greek tongue twisters!

    Ahaha I love phrases like these
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    Is vegan spanakopita possible?

    That's so smart! I usually buy vegan cheese replacements but I will try this :)
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    Which port is best to rent a boat: Sami or Poros?

    I always make that mistake lol!
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    The best Greek Christmas desserts!

    Im already getting in the Christmas spirit! These are my favorite Christmas desserts... Melamakarona Baklava Christopsomo Kourabiedes Koulourakia What are yours?
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    Greek vocab words that are helpful to know when shopping!

    Shopping is one of my favourite activities to do while traveling! Greece has some pretty excellent stores as well. I hope you find these words helpful! These are just some clothing items, I will add more later :) clothes – τα ρούχα – ta rooha coat – το παλτό – to palto jacket – η ζακέτα – i...
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    Who was Constantine the Great?

    Constantine the Great was an emperor of the Roman Empire from 306 until his death in 337. He is criticized and praised by many, but he is an important figure in history nonetheless. He has a lot of military and religious significance. He is known for being the first Christian emperor and also...
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    The history of Oxi Day (October 28)

    Sounds like a beautiful commemoration. Nice to see that they are doing something like that
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    Greeks have their own halloween!

    I didn't know that's where apokries came from! So cool, thanks!
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    Share your Greek tongue twisters!

    I love this one, does anyone know any more? Φίλος έδωσε σε φίλο τριαντάφυλλο με φύλλο. Φίλε, φύλαγε το φύλλο, μην το δώσεις σε άλλο φίλο. Which translates to: A friend gave to a friend a rose with a lief. Friend, keep the leaf, don’t give it to another friend. Its super hard to say in Greek
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    Zucchini blossoms are so underrated!! Here is how you can make them

    Most people don't know that there is a top part of the zuchinni called the blossom that is so tasty!! You can stuff them with bulgar and tomatoes or stuff them with cheese and fry them! Please share any more ideas of recipes you can make!
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    Pictures of Rethymno, Crete!

    This city is just beautiful!! Thanks everyone for sharing these pictures :)