1. Patisqua

    What are your favorite lenten recipes without beans?

    Coleslaw. Cabbage - finel sliced white and purple cabbage , grated carrots, sliced celery and capsicum. Combine well in serving bowl. Add non dairy spinach dip (instead of mayonnaise), salt and white pepper to taste. Combine well - i use my hands wearing disposable gloves. When making for 2...
  2. Patisqua

    Name-day celebrations

    In years gone by we celebrated Namedays. We visited friends and family on the Sunday after the Nameday. We were offered brandy and Port, glass of water, a chocolate bar or glyko tou koutali followed by mezethes. For really close relatives lunch or dinner. It was a great way of keeping in touch...
  3. Patisqua

    Did you know that Greeks dont exchange gifts on Christmas?

    Yes, I knew this when I first went to Greece un 1975. Gifts (or money) is given on New Year’s Day. In Australia we always received money on New Year’s Day and Easter Sunday. I was also taught never repay a debt or pay bills on New Year’s Day - indicates you will be parting with money all year...
  4. Patisqua

    Tourism Minister: The goal is for Greece to become a 12-month destination!

    Restaurants Rustic Garden and Symposium in Chania. Hosted by Mihalis and Lorne Moriatakis. Best modern Greek meze plates in the world. A MUST visit. Patisqua
  5. Patisqua

    I had galaktoboureko and baklava at a fantastic Greek restaurant in Toronto!

    Christopher's in Bourke St Surry Hills Sydney. Has been there since 1955. Located 2 doors down from St Sofia and her 3 daughters Greek Orthodox . BEST galatobouriko, baklava and kouranbries. As sweetening is not one of my specialities - I often frequent. Most Sundays I have a dilemma - French...
  6. Patisqua

    This is the meaning of the abbreviation "xmas"

    Please do not use X to replace Christ in Christmas. I find it really offensive. Not sure if the abbreviation comes from people being lazy, inexpensive or for whatever reason. My opion is X must not replace Christ in Christmas. Patisqua
  7. Patisqua

    Phyllo tip: use butter for sweet and olive oil for savory

    Definitely butter for sweets. Recipes for homemade filo are made with lots of butter. Had a cooking lesson on the weekend. My cousin was teaching me to make Kastellorizian sweet - Katoumathia. Katoumathia is fried flaky pastry garnished with sugar, water and cloves - flour, water kneaded and...
  8. Patisqua

    The history of Oxi Day (October 28)

    Today, Sunday 31st October, every Greek Orthodox church in Sydney will hold a Μνημόσυνον and ceremony commemorating the day. The ceremony will be followed by Sunday School students reciting poems. Morning tea will be served after the ceremony.
  9. Patisqua

    What do Greek-Americans and Greek-Canadians do for thanksgiving?

    We Australian Greeks do not have Thanksgiving. BUT in 2006 we were in New York. My sister and I went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Didn't realise how freezing cold it was, left my gloves behind. A vey kind lady next to me gave me her leg warmer as my hands had turned purple. We had dinner at...
  10. Patisqua

    Fried olives?? Did anyone know this was a thing?

    Gently fry olives in small amount for olive oil. Add oregano and orange slices.
  11. Patisqua

    Is it customary for people to convert to Orthodoxy when marrying someone Greek?

    Here in Australia, we do not need to convert to Greek Orthodox, BUT both parties need to be Christians. My cousin is a priest in Melbourne, he married so many Greek backgrounds marrying Italian backgrounds he learnt the the Marriage and Baptism services in Italian.
  12. Patisqua

    Is vegan spanakopita possible?

    Yes it is. Not sure where you live, but here in Sydney Vegan fetta is available in the supermarket. A combination of fresh herbs and spices like cloves and cinnamon enhance the flavour. Patisqua
  13. Patisqua

    Just attempted my first spanakopita!

    Really? I have attached the recipe. The blue text suits a larger oven proof frypan. A friend uses the mixture when she makes spinach triangles with filo pastry. Καλή όρεξη.
  14. Patisqua

    Phyllo tip: use butter for sweet and olive oil for savory

    Might just be me, but I have NEVER had success using olive oil and filo pastry.
  15. Patisqua

    Just attempted my first spanakopita!

    Bravo sou. I use a Jamie Oliver recipe for Spinach Naan. Suits my almost non existence cooking skills.
  16. Patisqua

    What does each city of Crete have to offer?

    Best tapas at Rustic Garden. Visit Symposium for bar/dinner. Both are in Chania Patisqua
  17. Patisqua

    Best Greek islands to Visit!🇬🇷🇬🇷

    Kastellorizo is the BEST Greek island. 3 hour ferry ride from Rhodos. Only Kazzies seem to know about Kastellorizo. Tourists are mainly Australians from Perth. Weddings most Saturday and Sunday nights. A real "blue lagoon" - make sure you go with Antoni. Kas (Turkey) an hour journey away...
  18. Patisqua

    Are there any museums in Santorini that you recommend??

    not sure about museums. But we did a great day tour of the island. We went to an archaeological site, a village with very laneways built to keep the pirates away, a winery, best views and ended with sunset at Oi. This was our first time in Santorini. Who knows if we'll ever get there again.
  19. Patisqua

    The best tradition in Greece is kerasma!

    I found kerasma in Greece in all restaurants, shops (especially liquor shops). Ranged from gliko to koutali, semolina halva and raki. They would ask where were we from - Sydney Australia. Ii would say I speak Ligo Ellinka. And for whatever reason we were stars. Gigantic helpings of meals - thank...