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    What to do if you have 24 hours in Santorini?

    I always watch this guys videos!! Youtube is one of my favorite ways to see what actually goes down on these Greek islands. If you've ever wondered what to do in Santorini, look no further! I recommend renting a gourana (four wheeler) and touring the island that way. You can also be more cost...
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    Did you know that cheesecake is an Ancient Greek recipe?

    This is a little known fact! Even though cheesecake in Ancient Greece is not like the New York cheesecake that we all know and eat today, the origins of cheesecake come from Ancient Greece. This actually makes total sense considering Greece has some of the best cheese and dairy from all around...
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    A truly magical and deeply traditional event!♥️♥️🙏

    A beautiful tradition, nice to hear that you will able to participate in it!
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    Did you know that you can go spring skiing in Crete?

    You'd be shocked to find out that you can go skiing in Greece, and not only skiing in Greece, but skiing in one of graces most beautiful islands, Crete! There is a beautiful snow range called Lefka Ori that is gaining a lot of tourists lately. One of the best things about travelling to Crete in...
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    How to make dakos (Cretan salad)

    This salad is one of the most unique salads hands down! The idea of using dry bread might seem a bit off putting but it tastes amazing when it gets juicy from the juice of the tomatoes and the salad. Imagine this salad as the best bits at the bottom of your xoriatiki salad that you dip bread in...
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    Monastiraki and Plaka are the best areas of Athens hands down!

    Definitely the quality of food in Greece and Athens has decreased over time. Touristy areas have terrible taste and quality. This didn't used to be the case but it is getting worse and worse over the years. Sad to see...
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    A Greek New Years Eve Celebration!

    Great videos
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    The Titan God Atlas is the one who held up the world

    I am definitely super scared of being in large crowds...for me its just not worth it. I'd rather catch covid from doing something that I love not from being in the supermarket or something like that. If im going to catch it, it better be worth it!
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    Hades is the Greek video game inspired by Greek mythology

    Hades is a popular video game released few years back that is inspired by Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Hades himself is the god of the underworld which is similar to hell in biblical stories. The Olympians were very scared of Hades which is why the video game creators chose Hades as the...
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    Entertaining a crowd? Try making this Greek mezze board!

    I absolutely love making these boards! They're so easy to put together and offer a great variety for a number of guests. They're also super healthy and warm pack on the pounds for those trying to watch their diet for the holidays (like me lol). You can really add or take out any ingredients from...
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    You must try sofrito when visiting Corfu

    Sofrito is one of Greece's best regional dishes! The recipe consists of a sauce made from parsley and spices that are used to marinade veal. The dish is a stew, which is super popular in Greece although most stews are called "kokinista" which are stews with tomato sauce. This stew is one of the...
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    These are the best Greek soups for winter!

    Now that so many places are hit by winter storms, and we're all closing up inside and staying far away from the omicron variant… I thought it would be nice to share a few of my favourite Greek soups for the winter time. These soups are super hearty and will keep you full and warm for a long...
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    Is Santorini too empty in the winter?

    Like I said in another post, I love visiting Greece in the winter because I get to love more like the locals. That being said, is Santorini too boring and quiet during the winter? Are many activities, resdaraunts and hotels even open? I would love to know!
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    The best thing about visiting Rhodes in the winter is eating at all of the local spots!

    Most of the tourist restaurants are closed during the winter months, so all of the great local spots will be open and full of locals! Meaning that the food is usually more authentic and better in quality because everyone is a repeat customer. Places will also be less busy and you will be able to...
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    Taking cash to Greece

    This is true, the limit is pretty large so I think you're safe
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    Greek potato and onion salad is a great appetizer

    Im down to add red wine to any recipe lol
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    What are some of the best things to do in Athens during Christmas time and New Years?

    I'm visiting Athens from Christmas to New Year's and I would love to check out some events, holiday markets etc. What is there to do during this time? Thanks :)
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    I made pastitsio for a Greek party last weekend!

    Good point! I like to buy European versions of the mix at Greek supermarkets
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    Rhodes during the sunset 😍

    Kritinia castle is the best place to watch the sunset!