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    Have you ever wondered what the evaluation of languages looked like?

    I liked your post and the idea of visualizing............,but, ,as you know, there is a great difference between the evolution of languages and the evolution of the alphabets of languages. I myself have done some work on the generation of Indo-European languages, but unfortunately a...
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    The Greek language has its earliest roots in the Mycenaean civilization

    Tracing a language to its geographical source is practically impossible, since a language is sonoric and, hence, ephimeral, and we may not assume that a language originated where its writing down originated. Anyway, it is good to know where and how its witing originated. Notation, the writing of...
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    Name-day celebrations

    It's frustrating! Please click again and when the GREEKREPORTER site appears, click on their "greek name days". (Other sites on the same subject do not have a list of Greek names or a calendar of name celebrations.)
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    Name-day celebrations

    As I am interested in comparing modern Greek culture with ancient Greek and non-Greek cultures, I found a very informative post on how name-day is celebrated in Orthodox Greece, which is essntially the same as in Catholic Italy, although this custom is vanishing in Italy. Anyway, the given list...
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    Greek vocab words that are helpful to know when shopping!

    Hi, Francesco. I hope you did not mind my insertions of etymologies, just for fun. Francesco < Ital. Francesco < French Francaisque
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    Hannukah, an adopted tradition

    There are ethnic customs, beliefs, and other "cultural items" that are preserved within the culture that produced them, wherefore they are presently TRADITIONS. On the other hand, cultual items can be exported (or can be adopted by a foreign ethnic people). So, a given country or people may have...
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    Archeological discovery reveals Greek Culture in Pompeii

    In the 8th century B.C., various Greek trading posts [for pottery etc.] were etablished in southern Italy`. There followed Greek settlements [colonization] and founding of new cities... On a critical occasion, Pericles sent various Greeks to repopulate a city [Thourioi]; the sophist Protagoras...
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    Panagia Paraportiani is one of the most beautiful churches in Mykonos!

    It is a stunning little church -- especially in this photograph, which catches the resonance between its whitess and the clouds. Thanks.
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    Intellectuals at Rhodes

    I know some of the intellectual life in ancient Greece, but I am curious about its present state, since I hope that there will be a resurgence -- a needed resurgence. How is it in Rhodes? Meanwhile I'll mention one ancient Rhodian for the general reader: Panaitios (often referred to as Panaetius...
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    How Greece joined the European Union

    All the joiners of that Union were deceived by the Secret World Government, which bought politicians by providing money (for the latter's success). The members never learned Disraeli's lesson: Those who control the finances of a country control [direct the fate of] that country. Greece and Italy...
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    What is the best topic for a history paper about Greece?

    For the highest level of research difficulty: The Greek invention of Man [not of gods or of heroes]. The primary sources would have to be some philosophers, poets, and historians in ancient history. On second thought, this would be a good topic for a doctoral thesis or dissertation. Never...
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    The best place to visit in Rhodes is Ancient Ialyssos!

    I am sure some inhabitant of the city knows or has found the meaning of the city's name. Please divulge it.
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    The best place to visit in Rhodes is Ancient Ialyssos!

    A great picture. However, unfortunately it cannot contain its fascinating history, from its foundation by Peloponnesian people. (They were distant cousins of mine, for they founed my ancestral city, Thoyrioi in South Italy, named after the Peloponnesian Thouria.) Recently the name "Ialyssos" has...
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    Modiano Market is one of the best markets in Thessaloniki

    I am too old to travel and to enjoy the benefits pointed out by WG, so I do some navigating on the internet. The word "Modiano" caught my eye since I knew it as the name of an Italian publisher of Tarocchi [tarot playing cards], which I researched some years ago. // I have been attracted to...
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    How did Zeus become the well known king of Greek mythology?

    You see, I do not believe that the gods are products of the human imagination; I think that some events and some things around us are very powerful and, so to speak, awakened human consciousness and we named them. So, originally, hurricanes, volcanic fires, typhoons, etc., were what we call...
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    How did Zeus become the well known king of Greek mythology?

    An addition to my above reply: As we already know, "Hades" was the name of a god as well as of his abode, namely the dark and quiet underworld. So, I presume that our experiential basis of the god is some cave which was dangerous, menacing, such as a cave/cavern with wild animals. We have a clue...
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    Oedipus Rex by Sophocles is my favorite Ancient Greek play

    No, my friend. There are two main species of Greek plays (dramas): tragedy and comedy. Aristophanes wrote comedies. In extreme forms, comedies are called farces. I will not answer the question I asked you; I will only point out that "tragedy" [< trago-ode : goat-song] originally was a lament by...
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    What is the difference between a Baptism and The Sacrament of Chrismation?

    I am sorry I am unable to cite written sources. My mention of Italian words and matters are due to the fact that I was born and raised in Italy. (In my high school in Rome, we studied Latin, classical Greek, Greek literature in translation, a modern foreign language, in my case French and then...
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    How did Zeus become the well known king of Greek mythology?

    The Greekboston article does a good job in re-telling myths about Zeus and seems to answer the question by referring to the choice by lot between him, Poseidon, and Hades, but I see that the mythographer already knew the 3 brothers as lords of the 3 kingdoms. So, we should inquire why, for the...