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    The history of medicine in Ancient Greece

    Ancient medicine played a major role in Ancient Greek life and has made major impacts on the medical community even today. Hippocrates was one of the main leaders of the early discoveries of medicine in Ancient Greece. He believed that disease is a normal part of human life and that we can use...
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    What is the most debated topic in Greek history?

    I'd love to start a couple of debates and great conversations! I'm definitely not looking for a fight, just trying to have some engaging conversations. What are the biggest debates that you and your friends or family get into about Greek history?
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    What is the best Greek dish to bring to a potluck?

    Hi everyone, I was invited to my office's potluck in two weeks and I am trying to figure out what to bring. Everyone in the office really likes Greek food, and we usually go to a Greek restaurant down the street for dinners with clients. Does anyone know what would be a good dish to bring to a...
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    Monastiraki and Plaka are the best areas of Athens hands down!

    Very true, I find that I get very tired of the trinkets and touristy shops quickly.
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    How much is the average price of a gyro in Greece?

    Yes, Greek people can't keep up with the prices
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    What is the cheapest island in Greece?

    Sikinos is a great recommendation! I had a friend who went a couple years back and they still can't stop talking about it. Cyclades is the best!
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    What are your recommendations for Santorini?

    I'm going to be going to Santorini for a couple of days after a small trip to Athens this summer. I've never been before and I really don't know where to start. I'm going to be travelling alone and looking to see the size and pretty much anything that Santorini has to offer. I'm not too picky...
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    Greek style lentil salad with bulgar!

    I love lentils! They're a great source of protein!
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    Have you ever wondered what the evaluation of languages looked like?

    Ahhhh, I see. It defintley looks more simple than it actually is in this chart
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    Is anyone still keeping up with Survivor Greece?

    I forgot about this TV show until just now!! I decided to start rewatching and I must say, its not one of the best shows in the whole world but it is entertaining and helps me learn a bit of Greek. Defintley better than the reality tv shows that we have in the states. If anyone watches, please...
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    Greek style pasta with meat sauce aka makaraonia me kima!

    This is one of the best Greek recipe that seems to be inspired by the Italian style bolognese sauce. The dish is pretty similar except the Greek version sometimes includes spices like cumin and bay leaf. I prefer the Greek version because it has a bit more flavour and tastes a lot better with...
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    These are the best Greek dances for big groups!

    I love Greek dancing, and my favourite Greek dances are the ones that are done in massive groups for weddings, baptisms, and birthday parties. The Greeks really know how to have fun and have everyone join in! My favorite group dances are... 1. Kalamatiano: This is the most classic group dance...
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    Vasilopita is Greeces beloved New Years tradition

    LOL sounds like a great prank, my nieces would go crazy
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    What are your favorite lenten recipes without beans?

    There are many eggplant dishes such as imam baildi and moussaka (without beef)
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    Very interesting links @Vangelis. The role of devils advocate is very western and it makes me think how westerners always want concrete answers to questions. Sometimes we just don't know, and that's okay. The universe is the universe and not everything is black and white
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    Greek potato and onion salad is a great appetizer

    These are the ingredients for making a super tasty Greek potato salad as an appetizer 6 medium boiled potatoes 4 medium red onions 1/4 cup dry red wine 6 tablespoons Greek olive oil 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar 1 tablespoon fennel seeds, crushed Salt and pepper, to taste 3 tablespoons...
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    Historical interview of Anatolian immigrants to Greece

    These people were Greeks who lived in Anatolia (modern day Turkey) and were forced to immigrate to Greece as refugees. Their history is so important to modern Greek history, I hope it doesn't get lost.