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    What do you think of the movie Alexander?

    I've seen many different opinions of this movie, most of them debating its historical accuracy and the actors portrayal of these characters. I am very curious to see what everyone else thinks. Personally I am happy to see that Alexander the great story made it to the big screen, and with such...
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    What is the best Greek island for a bachelor party?

    Some of my buddies and I are considering going to Greece for my friend's bachelor party, but we're not really sure what the best island would be. We're not super young, most of us are in our mid 30s so we're not very interested in going clubbing every single night. Something relaxing would be...
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    How day you tell people that they arent invited to your wedding?

    This is something that I find super awkward… I'm getting married soon, and my spouse and I have decided that we want a very small wedding which is not super common amongst our family and friends. Unfortunately, we won't be inviting many people who may expect to be invited. I fear that people...
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    Misafir is Athens most popular hookah lounge and restaurant

    Misafir is a new and up and coming hookah lounge and restaurant in Athens that is very popular among locals and tourists! The view is stunning and of course it overlooks the acropolis, making for one of the best views at night. The menu is made up of some traditional Greek foods as well as...
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    Where to shop in Santorini

    Being the most touristic island in Greece, Santorini has amazing and unique boutiques and shopping opportunities. The only downside is that the shops can get a bit pricy especially if the items are handmade in Greece. You will be able to find some of the best stores in Oia. I can spend hours...
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    How to make fresh and zesty tzatziki!

    Tztaziki is one of the easiest recipes to make and its so tasty and great for dipping crackers, bread, or veggies! You need to start with Greek strained yogurt that super thick and then add one clove of garlic, two tablespoons of olive oil, two large spoonfuls of shredded and strained cucumber...
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    What should I pair skordalia with?

    Skordalia is a traditional Greek dip that is usually eaten with other foods (its too garlicky and strong to be eaten alone like melitzanosalata). It's made with mashed up garlic and blended with potato or bread. I've had it a couple times at restaurants, but I usually don't see people eating it...
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    This is what it means to be born on Saturday in Greece

    In Greek culture, people who were born on Saturday are considered to have special abilities to give blessings and curses. People who are born on Saturday are believed to have the ability to give others good luck, or bad luck and even the evil eye (mati).This dates back to byzantine times and is...
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    How to make a Greek mezze board (great for parties)

    I love this idea for parties and get togethers :)
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    What is the difference between the two types of halva?

    I never understood why both of these desserts were called halva?? Which is which someone please help me 😂
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    Workout classes in Athens!

    My cousin recommended these for me for anyone who is interested....I am not one to workout on vacation though LOL https://streetworkoutathens.gr/book/
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    How do you drink your frappe?

    I like mine sweet with no milk (gliko xoris gala)! My wife gets hers with a lot of milk (hence the PG in the picture, police gala ahahaha) What about you guys?
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    This is the best recipe for Greek pita bread!

    I love Akis and his recipes! He's the king of Greek food :)
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    The best landmarks to see in Athens (in my opinion)

    -Tourkovounia -The War Museum -Panathenaic Stadium -Aristotle’s Lyceum Any more to add to the list? These are just my opinion :)
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    Here are some essential dating tips for Greek men!

    I stumbled upon this article and I thought you all would find it helpful. Dating these days is a bit harder because of the pandemic so we all need a little bit of help! Good luck :) My advice is to be true to yourself and just enjoy dating...
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    How to make Greek style mayonnaise!!

    Ever wondered how to make mayo a bit more flavourful? Well the Greeks have figured it out. This is how you make Greek style mayo: Pulse the following ingredients in a food processor and then you're all set! 2 cloves garlic 1/2 cup Greek olive oil 2 large egg yolks 1/2 teaspoon ground mustard...
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    Did you know there was a Temple of Artemis in Corfu?

    I had no clue that Corfu had it's own ancient temple!! And funny enough, Artemis is my favourite Greek god :) hopefully I'll be able to visit once covid is over. Here's some more info about the temple: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_of_Artemis,_Corfu
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    Best family beaches in Crete

    Matala beach is my number one! It's pictured here Next is Falassarna, Rodakino, Plakias, and Istros.
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    What is the history of the olympics?

    I love ancient Greece and the olympics!! What is the history of the games and when did it become an international event?
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    Tips for socially distanced and covid safe travel in Greece

    If anyone has traveled during the pandemic, please let me know what I can do to keep as safe as possible. Please let me know if you have any Greece specific tips as well. Im really curious as to how the Greek tourist industry and government reacted to tourists and the pandemic last year. Thanks