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    What is the process of having a political wedding in Greece?

    I'm not sure if I'm going to be having a wedding in a church, so I am wondering what the process is of having a political or non-religious wedding in Greece. I know that the reception will be a classic reception, but is there someone who can officiate a wedding regardless of religion? And is...
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    What are some of your favorite online Greek stores?

    I would love to start ordering from more online stores that ship directly from Greece, whether they sell food, clothing or art. I know that many of Greece's amazing mom and pop businesses do not sell online, but ever since COVID more and more business are starting to move their stores to online...
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    Check out this beautiful traditional Greek music and dance in Kefalonia

    This is some of the most beautiful Greek traditional music and dance that I have seen. If anyone knows the name of the actual song and the type of dance, please let me know. I hope that one day I'll be able to visit the island and join in on one of the celebrations. I'm not even sure what...
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    How much money do you think that 24 hours in Mykonos costs?

    Mykonos is one of those Greek islands that just can't escape its reputation of being expensive. I love this video because it gives you an honest look at how expensive the island can actually be. As always, take it with a grain of salt because you can truly make anything affordable in Greece by...
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    What are your favorite Greek Orthodox traditions?

    There are so many Greek Orthodox traditions and each are beautiful in their own way! My personal favourites are attending church throughout the week with family and of course spending all of Saturday and Sunday cooking food together with family. Of course, the best part of Easter is the tender...
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    How to make the famous Greek flaming saganaki

    This is something that is super popular in Greek restaurants all over the world. I never quite knew how they would get that flame to be so high up and then fizzle out within seconds. If you're ever wanting to do this at home, I highly suggest that you're very careful and try doing it outside in...
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    Have you ever wondered what the Greek Pontian language sounds like?

    The Pontian language is one of the few languages/dialects that still exist in Greece today. It is spoken by Pontians, who are a Greek ethnic group from the Black Sea area in Turkey, but now live all over Greece and different parts of the world. The dialect is very similar to Greek, but there are...
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    Birds eye view of Monolithos Castle in Rhodes

    Monolithos Castle is a stunning castle that was built in the 15th century and remains until this day. This is a birds eye view of the castle so you can get a good idea of what the ruins look like. The Castle is located in the the village of Monolithos which is about a couple of miles from the...
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    How to make flaming saganaki

    This is one of the best ways that you can make saganaki!! This is how they do it in the most of the Greek restaurants where everyone says opa!!
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    How to make classic Greek lemon potatoes

    These Greek potatoes are so tart and lemony and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. They can be eaten with anything but are best paired with red meat or chicken. I like to cook them with chicken or meat in the oven so that the juices from the meat drip into the pan and flavor the...
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    Best Greek cocktails to make at home

    One of my favourite parts of hosting a party is making homemade cocktails at home! My guests are always impressed and it's such a fun activity to do. All you need to do is gather some ingredients, some of which she will need to get from Greek specialty stores, and some of what you can find at...
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    Did you know how Alexandros Zaimis was?

    I don't know much about Zaimis that he was Prime Minister of Greece six times. I didn't know this part about modern Greek history, and I am truly very shocked. It's not very common that a political leader is reelected so many times. Does anyone know what was so special about him and that made...
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    Best recipes for Greek meal prep!

    Meal prepping is one of the best ways to plan meals ahead to save time and to eat healthy. Many people also use meal prepping in order to lose weight or manage their diet. One of the healthiest meal prep combinations is a chicken souvlaki plate which includes skewered chicken, rice pilaf and...
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    Recipe for Greek orzo pasta salad!

    Pasta salad is perhaps one of the easiest recipes to serve for dinner and then eat for lunch the next day! I like to use Misko orzo, because that's a Greek brand and I like to think that it tastes better even though I haven't actually done a taste test ahaha. This is how you make it... 1. Boil...
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    How to make hearty split pea soup

    Split pea soup is a super healthy and hearty source of iron and vitamins! The ingredients are super simple and there are many different ways that you can customize the soup. The only thing that I recommend is that you rinse the split peas very well because sometimes there are rocks and debris in...
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    Different ways to use friganies (Greek wheat rusks)

    Greek wheat rusks can be used for a number of things! Many people use them as a substitute for toast and will use various spreads such as butter, jam or cheese on top. You can also use wheat rusks as a bread crumb coating for a number of recipes and also use them as a more savoury crust for a...
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    What is the best place to get a hotel in Thessaloniki?

    I am thinking of visiting Thessaloniki this summer to visit a few friends and learn more about the history of the city...I am wondering where would be the best place to stay? What is the niehgborhood that is most central and next to the most activities? What would you recommend?
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    The Trojan horse is Greeces most classic mythology story

    This is one of my most beloved story that I always read growing up. The story is based on the trojan war which was an actual war that happened in ancient Greece. The story is based on deceit, and the idea was that soldiers would hide in a wooden horse and wheel it into palace walls to deceive...
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    Did you know that syrtos is the oldest Greek dance?

    Syrtos is one of the most popular Greek dances across the entire country of Greece and across the entire diaspora. Its also one of the oldest dances and has been recorded in paintings and history books for many many years. I am so happy that this dance is still in existence and that people are...
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    How to make glazed ham for Christmas

    This is a classic recipe for anyone who is looking to make a traditional Christmas dish! Ham is eaten in Greece and all over the world during Christmas time. I have heard of some people in Greece eating Turkey and now a days, people will eat any type of meat that suits them. Christmas ham is...